At the August 23rd, 2020 WUSA Students’ Council Meeting, the creation of this project was approved with the purpose of understanding both accessibility on campus and issues students may face related to their disabilities as a whole. WUSA is committed to supporting students with accessibility issues at the University of Waterloo through exploring their lived experience. To drive this project, the Accessibility Commissioner was hired and worked alongside the WUSA Research Team to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify physically inaccessible areas on campus
  • Understand the scope of systemic issues students face at AccessAbility Services in accessing accommodations needed to succeed
  • Determine other services or university systems where students encounter accessibility issues
  • Assess the effectiveness of current accessibility policies and resources
  • Identify existing gaps pertaining to accessibility within the university landscape
  • Determine meaningful ways WUSA can prioritize and address accessibility issues moving forward
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Author: Amelia Cammy, Jordan Daniels, Victoria Ikeno