Please note – WUSA is a non-profit organization and not a charity, thus we cannot provide you with an official charitable tax receipt.

The Islamic Information Center of UW (IICUW) provides free care packages to new Muslims/converts to Islam. To request a package for yourself or on behalf of a convert, please visit our Instagram page @iicuwaterloo and submit the form in our bio. These packages contain essential items that new Muslims need to start practicing Islam, and they serve as a welcome gift to new Muslims in our community!

One new Muslim package costs approximately $50 to make. Please look at the list below to see the contents of each package.

Package Contents:

  • The Clear Quran – Dr. Mustafa Khattab
  • Laminated Wudu and Prayer Guides
  • The Forty Hadīth of al-Imām an-Nawawi with explanation (printed and binded)
  • 1 Padded Prayer Mat (Big)
  • 1 Pocket-sized Prayer Mat
  • 1 Hijab, 1 Undercap, and Pins (for women)
  • Welcome note and sweets

The money that is donated through this page will be specifically used for purchase of convert packages. If you have any questions, please email

May Allah reward you for donations!