GRT U-Pass Program: Everything You Need To Know

Wed, 09/22/2021 (All day)

UPass program

WUSA has partnered closely with GRT (Grand River Transit) to bring back the UPass to all UWaterloo undergrads in the Waterloo Region this fall. We have worked hard to ensure that fees are reasonable for you, UWaterloo students. While a regular fee would be $300 per term, we have been able to negotiate with GRT for students to pay $105 per term instead. This means that students can ride any ION and bus within the Waterloo region for a discounted price. While the UPass fee will be compulsory for all full-time students, we have been able to negotiate special conditions with GRT for students studying outside of Waterloo to be exempt from the program.  

Besides traveling to and from the university campus, students can enjoy the convenience of more than 55 bus routes throughout the Waterloo region, including iXpress buses to places like The Boardwalk, Conestoga and Fairview. Please visit the GRT website for continually updated schedules and a more detailed breakdown of ION and bus routes. 

In the event that you will not be on campus nor avail the benefits of a U-Pass this semester, student have the choice to opt out of the U-Pass fee from September 1st to 30th 2021. If you are eligible and have provided the necessary proof, you will receive a reimbursement that will be given through credit onto your Quest account later in the fall term. 

Here’s how you can opt-out of U-Pass: 
  • Apply for the opt-out here.

  • Provide legitimate proof that you currently reside outside the Waterloo region. The proof of document must have your full legal name, address of the region you are living in and a recent date. For example: 

    • Phone bill 

    • Hydro bill 

    • Paystub 

    • Rental agreement 

*We may also accept other forms of documentation that are reviewed on a case-by-case basis if there are any issues with those listed* 

Got questions? Check out our UPass page for more information! For further clarification and or concerns, please feel free to email