Health and Dental Agreement Addendum Appendix H 2018


Whereas the Federation of Students, University of Waterloo (FEDS) has conducted a Request for Proposals and determined to continue to contract with Studentcare for the provision of consulting, brokerage and administrative services and management of the Student Health & Dental Plan.

Therefore the following addendum to the original Agreement represents any additional understanding and responsibilities of the parties:

  1. The Plan coverage and premiums for the 2018-2019-policy year will be determined at time of renewal and will be confirmed by the FEDS. The underwriting arrangements will reflect Studentcare’s proposal to the FEDS of April 2018. Any subsequent revision must have the final approval of the FEDS.

  2. Studentcare will develop, at its cost; the Coverage Status Search Tool (CSST) for UW Health Service. Studentcare will at its cost continue to support and expand where possible the system capabilities in accordance with Federal and Provincial privacy legislation.

  3. Studentcare commits to the introduction of two video kiosks on to the Waterloo Campus (locations to be determined). Studentcare agrees to undertake any and all additional responsibilities and initiatives related to the launch of the video kiosk, including a comprehensive communications campaign.

    Studentcare agrees to absorb all costs necessary to adapt their technology, internal processes, policies, and human resources In order to optimize the implementation of the video kiosks. 

    The FEDS agrees to provide a suitable locations, and electrical and Internet connections.

  4. In consideration of the services provided through this Agreement, the Studentcare fee for the Health Plan will be $2.50 per FEDS member per 4-month academic term, or prorated thereof, not inclusive of applicable taxes.

    The Studentcare fee for the Dental Plan will continue to be $3.75 per FEDS member per 4-month academic term, or prorated thereof, not inclusive of applicable taxes, for the duration of this Agreement.

    These fees will be included in the Plans premiums.

  5. The Agreement will be in effect until August 31, 2024 if either party provides notice of termination to the other part six (6) months in advance. If such notice on termination is not provided, either party may elect to renew the Agreement for another term not to exceed two (2) years by providing notice therefore to the other party no later than three (3) months before the termination date.

  6. In the event the FEDS receives a bona fide proposal detailing risk structure, administrative services and support, and Plan coverage from an alternative provider, during the term of this Agreement, that is at a lower cost than provided by Studentcare, Studentcare shall have opportunity to match such competing proposal for services and coverage to within a maximum of 5% of the per student premium. If Studentcare matches to within the 5% variance, this Agreement will continue under the terms and conditions contained within. If Studentcare does not match to within the 5% variance, this Agreement may be terminated by the FEDS at the end of the Policy Year. In the exercise of this provision, both parties to agree to act reasonably and in good faith towards one another, and not to use this provision in an abusive or oppressive manner.

  7. Studentcare shall contribute an annual sponsorship of $1,500 towards a bursary or leadership award to be created by the FEDS. The naming of the Award will be reflective and in connection with Studentcare and/or its leadership, and will be determined at a later date. The eligibility and criteria for the award shall be determined by the Feds accordingly, and copy of the eligibility and criteria will be forwarded to Studentcare. Studentcare will also be notified of the winner each year and may be invited to present the Award.

  8. In the event that FEDS and the Graduate Student Association of the University of Waterloo create an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concerning their joint management of the Health Plan. Studentcare agrees to make appropriate and reasonable changes to the Agreement or Appendixes and Addendums, to reflect the MOU, which will not contradict the content or spirit of this Addendum.

Agreed to this 30 day of April 2018.

Signature Lev Bukhmna, Founder and CEO for Quebec Student Health Alliance Inc. Studentcare  Signature Brian Schwan, Vice President Operations and Finance Federation of Students UW Feds  Signature Del Pereira, Director partnerships and development for Quebec Student Inc. Studentcare  Signature Antonio Brieva, President Federaion of Students, UW Feds