WUSA Thrift

Description: WUSA Thrift is a new initiative that has evolved from the Sustainable Campus Initiative Service in a continued effort to ensure sustainability on campus through hands-on activities that help bring about positive behavioral and social changes in our community. The goal of WUSA Thrift is to upcycle used clothing donations from UW Residences and other campus partners.
Job Title: Inventory Manager, WUSA Thrift Store (2 Term Contract – Fall 2022 – Winter 2023)
Department: Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) Student-Run Service
Reports to: WUSA Services Manager
Weekly Hours: Up to 10/Hrs per week Effective date (approx.): September 2022
End Date: April 2023

Benefits of working for WUSA Thrift: 
Opportunity to show and contribute your leadership skills to the community
Collaborate with your co-manager to create a vision for the store
High level management, leadership and internal and external relations experience
Organize teams of volunteers and executives
Learn how to work with multiple groups on campus
Gain skills related to working with a budget and Point-of-Sale systems
Contributing to a cause to create a more sustainable campus environment

Role Description: The Co-Manager’s main responsibility is to ensure that the store meets the needs of the undergraduate student population. The Inventory manager facilitates cooperation between the various team members within the Thrift store as well as ensures that the WUSA Thrift Volunteers and Executives are well supported. The Manager is also required to work closely with the full time co-manager to ensure communication with project and store management with and facilitate communication with the Executive team for WUSA Thrift as well as with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association.

The Inventory Manager leads alongside the store manager to ensure that WUSA Thrift remains an active and growing service available to all undergraduate students. Their main focus will be ensuring propre inventory, organization of the store, and laundry set ups. Additionally, the Inventory Manager must be able to work alongside their co-manager and alone.

Key Accountabilities: 
Working one regularly scheduled five hour shift in the store
Perform start of day, and end of day store tasks
Serve as co manager of the WUSA Thrift Store. Manage all aspects of the store including hiring and working with execs and volunteers, managing clothing stocks and ensuring the store is open and ready for business
Keep track of inventory within store
Ensuring donated clothes are sorted and organized in a timely manner
Overlook volunteer scheduling for sorting clothes and laundry
Work with volunteers to arrange clothing sorting, pick ups from storage unit, and ensure enough clothing/inventory in the store
Coordination of end-of-term clothing drives from UW Residences
Work on resolving inquiries or concerns from customers

Requirements and Assets for this Role: 
Must be able to be on campus for both Fall and Winter 2023 terms – REQUIRED
Must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo and enrolled in the term(s) indicated – REQUIRED
Must be able to commit to working one regularly scheduled shift on campus per week – REQUIRED
High organizational and problem-solving skills
Must be able to be physically on campus during the term(s) as needed
Must be able to physically lift up to 40lbs or manage staff assistance if accommodation is required
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to lead, engage, and motivate a team
Able to make timely decisions, independently and with a group
Strong interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills
Ability to prioritize and multi-task
Knowledge of budgeting and finance is an asset
Previous Point-of-Sale experience is an asset
Training Requirements:
Required to attend training with WUSA Services Manager (date TBD)