How to Reach WUSA: Your Essential Guide

Published: Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Understanding how to navigate the channels within the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) should be straightforward. After feedback from our Roundtable event, we recognize the need to clarify how you can get in touch with the right support and ensure your questions are answered and your voice is heard. This guide provides all the information you need to connect with us seamlessly. 

Contacting WUSA – A Step-by-Step Guide: 

Governance and Advocacy

For any inquiries, feedback, or ideas about our governance, your primary contacts are the student leaders on the WUSA Board. These leaders are committed to hearing your concerns and representing your interests effectively. When it comes to matters of advocacy, the President and Vice-President of the Board are the appropriate individuals to approach.

Operational Inquiries

For operational issues, like feedback on our services or products, or a specific complaint about an experience you had, you can email the relevant department.

Operational Departments Explained: 

  • Student Engagement: Involves clubs, events, the new student experience and student services. 
  • Operations & Development: Covers our commercial services including Flock Stop, WUSA Thrift, and the Student Life Centre (SLC). 
  • Communications & Outreach: Encompasses advocacy, marketing and media relations. 
  • Accounting: For reimbursement or financial issues, reach out to the Executive Director. 

Feedback on Products Purchased in Store:

If you have a complaint about a product or service from one of our commercial operations, let us know. Detailed accounts and photos to help us address your concerns effectively.

General Queries and Feedback

Unsure where to start? No problem. Reach out to us through multiple channels for any general inquiries or feedback:

Just want to ensure your voice is heard? 

  • Ownership Consultation: As the owners of WUSA, undergraduate students have the right to share their feedback and opinions. We gather this through various means, including mass surveys, engagement events, and social media interactions. 
  • Getting Involved with WUSA: Looking to make a difference? WUSA elections are on the horizon, and we offer a range of part-time and co-op positions in services, events, advocacy, communications, and more. [link to opportunities] 
  • Supporting Student Initiatives: One of our objectives this year is to bolster student initiatives by improving society support, streamlining club processes, and providing the necessary funding and resources to realize your ideas. 
  • Presenting Your Ideas: If you have a proposal or concern you want WUSA to consider, you can discuss it with a student leader or present it directly to the WUSA Board of Directors. 

We’re here for you 

At WUSA, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the support you need and the avenues to voice your concerns. Use this guide to find the right contact for your needs and connect with us. We’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Still have questions about who to contact? Please email us at and our Marketing Manager will ensure that you get an answer, and we’ll update this article with the most popular requests.  


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