How to get involved at WUSA

Published: Friday, January 5, 2024
How to get Involved with WUSA

Before I started my first year at the University of Waterloo, I did some research about the University over the spring – like any student would, I wanted to get to know the different things I could be involved in once I started. As I did my research, I found out about WUSA, an entire organization dedicated to undergraduates. On a whim, with no previous work experience and only a passion for writing, I applied to become a part-time Communications Writer at WUSA. And as you can see, I did get the job and I’m happy to have been with WUSA for a year now! 

There are several other ways to get involved in WUSA in addition to part-timing, such as volunteering at events and services, being a part of clubs, becoming a student leader and more!  

If you’re someone who likes to be involved occasionally, volunteering/part-timing at events is just the thing for you! If you would rather have a stable part-time job to bring in some money while you study, I recommend taking a look at the Jobs and Opportunities page on the WUSA website. Jobs are usually posted near the beginning of the term (sometimes before the term begins!) so keep an eye out for any part-time gigs that interest you.  

The same page also provides you with any available volunteer opportunities, if you prefer volunteering and showing how you contribute to the community. Volunteering can be done in the 10 student-run services such as The Women’s Centre, RAISE, MATES, ISCN, and more, or in the retail services such as WUSA thrift, as well as in various events that take place over the term.  

Another way to get involved as a student is being a part of clubs, or even founding your own if none of the existing ones align with your interests! With over 200 active clubs, you have a wide variety to choose from and join, either as a general member or an executive. Executive hiring occurs during specific periods over the terms, and I suggest following your club of interest’s socials to stay updated. Learn more about each club on the Clubs page of the WUSA website. If you would rather create your own club, there are a few requirements to be met – all of which can be found on the same page.  

In addition to part-timing and volunteering, you also have the opportunity to bring forth the change you want to see by becoming a student leader! Elections for WUSA Governance positions generally occur during the Winter term, and candidates can be nominated by other students for various leadership roles within WUSA. For more information on elections and nominations, you can visit the associated page 

Getting involved at WUSA is guaranteed to give you a unique experience with a bonus of having fun along the way! If you would like to do your own research on how to get involved at WUSA, visit our website

Anusha Akella
Communications Assistant


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