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Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Compost cows on campus

Have you ever seen the Compost Cows on campus? These are managed by Campus Compost!

Campus Compost is a student-run club that aims to improve waste collection on campus and advocate for sustainability and awareness of environmental issues. Campus Compost began in 2014 when a group of Waterloo students saw the need for organic and food waste collection on campus and started their own collection service. Since then, the University has begun their own organic waste collection system; however, Campus Compost still collects at select locations on campus (currently in the AL Tuck Shop and the CPH POETS Lounge), with hopes to fill in the missing gaps where organic waste collection is not available.

Campus Compost turns food waste into usable compost directly on campus in our Compost Cows, affectionately named Ben and Jerry, which are located outside between the Environment buildings and Modern Languages building. Our club aims to connect like-minded individuals with hopes of improving the University of Waterloo’s environmental footprint. In addition, we host events throughout the term with an environment focus or to provide an opportunity for students to relax and socialize, and we post educational, sustainability and environment-themed social media content.


Campus Compost is always looking for new executives and volunteers to continue the path toward reaching our goals. As a WUSA Club, we hold elections each term to fill executive positions. Our Spring 2024 applications are now open, and these are the positions that need to be filled:

Co-managers (2): Leads a team of executives and acts as a point of communication for WUSA Clubs and other clubs for collaboration.

Research Executives (2): Leads a team of research volunteers to conduct research to inform our educational social media posts.

Design Executives (2): Leads a team of design volunteers to create infographics for our social media posts that effectively communicate our research and to create posters for advertising of events and organics collection.

Operations Executives (2): Leads a team of operations volunteers to run organic waste collection, maintenance of bins and Compost Cows, and waste audits.

Social Media Executive: Schedule and organize all social media posts and communicate with followers and other clubs via social media platforms.

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Find the full list of roles and responsibilities here!


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Instagram: @uwcampuscompost

Facebook: @UWCampusCompost





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