Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association
8 04, 2022

Legal representation includes


•    Lawyers’ fees •    Legal expenses (disbursements): o    Court fees o    Attendance fees o    Witness expenses o    and more! •    Experts’ fees up to a maximum of $1,000 (excluding taxes) The student is responsible for paying the costs awarded to

8 04, 2022

Public Notaries


Members who require commissioning services can arrange for virtual meetings to commission affidavits. Notarizing services are also offered. To benefit from the commissioning and notarizing services, call the legal assistance service (1-833-202-4571) to place a service request, and a meeting

8 04, 2022

Employment Disputes


Legal expenses arising from a dispute with a current or future employment contract, with respect to labour standards for grievances not covered by a union or government agency. This does not include occupational health and safety issues.

8 04, 2022

Housing Disputes


Legal expenses arising from a dispute over a housing lease, such as a disputed rent increase, an illegal eviction, or a breach of a condition in the lease.


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