Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association
1 04, 2022

Some of the things we do:


Help students define and articulate problems. Explain possible options, including but not limited to: speaking to an advisor, direction to campus or community services, supporting informal resolution, formal process. Provide clarity on University policy, for example: distinguishing between petitions and

1 04, 2022



Appeals can be filed by students to challenge a variety of decisions made at the University. These can include grievance decisions and discipline decisions made under university policy 33 and policy 71 (ie. behavioural or academic misconduct). There are specific grounds that students must

1 04, 2022



Grievances can be filed by students who believe they have been treated unfairly by a member of the UWaterloo community, or who believe proper university policies and procedures have not been followed. There are two types of grievances: Notice of

1 04, 2022



Petitions can be filed by students who are seeking a special exception from the regular University policies and procedures due to extenuating circumstances. Generally, they make changes to your academic transcript and/or your academic standing. Extenuating circumstances can include financial


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