ERO Clears Team Renew of Allegations in WUSA Election Dispute

Published: Tuesday, February 6, 2024

In a recent determination by the Elections and Referenda Officer (ERO), Team Renew, consisting of members Nick and Rida, has been cleared of allegations regarding election misconduct in the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) elections. The complaint, filed on February 2, 2024, by Daniel Wang, centered on the alleged violation of the Elections and Referenda Procedure (ERP) section 2.3, which mandates campaigns to be conducted in good faith and in the spirit of fair play, emphasizing principles of honesty, mutual respect, and fair competition. 

Daniel Wang’s complaint was triggered by a Reddit AMA session, where he felt that Team Renew’s response to a question posed by a user was disrespectful and undermined the fair competition by belittling his platform. The ERO’s investigation into the complaint reviewed the evidence presented by Wang and the counter-evidence and defense provided by Team Renew. 

Team Renew’s defense outlined their intention to offer constructive criticism and alternative perspectives based on their experience and knowledge, particularly concerning university finances and tuition policies. They refuted any intention of defamation or bad faith conduct, emphasizing their responses were within the context of a public forum designed for open discussion among candidates. 

After a thorough review, the ERO concluded that Team Renew’s comments during the Reddit AMA did not constitute bad faith behavior nor violated the spirit of fair play. The ERO’s decision highlighted the nature of election events as platforms for engaging discussions on student issues and recognized the responses from Team Renew as part of a healthy debate process, offering skepticism and alternative solutions rather than derogatory or false statements. 

The ruling assigned 0 demerit points to Team Renew, affirming their actions as within the permissible bounds of election conduct as outlined in the ERP. This decision underscores the importance of open dialogue and constructive criticism in the electoral process, reinforcing the values of fairness and respect in student governance. 

Both parties have been informed of their right to appeal the ERO’s decision within 24 hours through the official WUSA violation appeal form. 

For more information on the WUSA Election, please visit 


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