Consent is Key this St. Patrick’s Day!

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

St. Paddy’s Day is fast approaching, and many of us are looking forward to celebrating with our friends and classmates ☘️🎩! 

It’s an exciting time of year with the weather warming up too (slowly, but surely) and if you’re sticking around town, you’re probably looking forward to Summer-loo ☀️!  As we start to come out of winter hibernation, remember to party responsibility and keep an eye out for others!  

Party Safe Tips: 🎉 

  • 👥 Stick with your friends! If you’re going somewhere alone, let someone know where you’re going. 
  • 📱 Charge your phone and bring a portable charger if your battery runs out quickly.  
  • 🚕 Plan a safe way to get home.   
  • 🍔 Make sure you eat before heading out and 🌊 stay hydrated!  
  • 🔑 Consent is key!  
    • If someone is under the influence, they cannot consent.  
    • Consent must be communicated clearly.  
    • No behaviour or manner of dress justifies sexual violence. People have the right to behave and dress as they choose.   
    • Be accountable for your actions. If someone says no, they mean no.  
  • 📢 Be an active bystander and look out for your peers! 
    • If you see something, and it’s safe to do so, say something. Otherwise, find someone who can help.  
  • 👀 Trust your gut. If something feels off, leave the situation, and seek help if necessary.  

While you may choose to participate in off-campus St. Patrick’s Day activities, keep in mind that attending non-sanctioned gatherings, like a street party, comes with risks and there may be disciplinary actions for engaging in unlawful behaviour.  

Above all else, WUSA wants to remind you to stay safe, respect each other and your community, and have fun! ☘️ 

Looking for resources or support?  

The University has many resources and services that provide the advice and support you need, when you need it:  

  • Tips for personal safety and security on campus 
  • Substance Use and Harm Reduction 
  • Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office  
    • The SVPRO supports all members of the University of Waterloo community who have experienced or been impacted by sexual violence. Check out their page for resources for support and how you can create consent culture.  
  • Empower Me, Mental Health Resources  
    • Counselling is available via phone, video, and in person. Available 24/7, 365 days in 22 countries worldwide.
  • Campus Wellness
    • Campus Wellness provides counselling and primary medical care for all registered University of Waterloo students. They work to provide a safe, healthy, inclusive environment for students. They can be reached at 519-888-4096.
  • University of Waterloo Police Services 
    • When campus police receive a complaint of sexual assault, the matter is referred to the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Campus police ensure appropriate services are provided to individuals such as counselling, accommodation change, and schedule change to ensure the individual is adequately supported. 
    • They can be reached at Extension 22222 or 519-888-4911. 
  • WatSAFE 
    • WatSAFE provides quick and convenient access to campus safety and emergency resources, including: 
      • emergency contact information; 
      • a personal safety toolbox, including flashlight and alarm; 
      • safety and emergency resources; 
      • campus maps; and much more! 
    • Download the appto have access to the resources at your fingertips. 
  • AccessAbility Services 
    • Whether you have a known or unknown disability/condition/illness, or if you’re experiencing impacts from a trauma, AccessAbility Services can help develop your individualized academic accommodation plan for all components of your academic career. 
  • Waterloo Region Crisis Supports 


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