Chapters of Change: Anti-racism & Conversations with Eternity Martis

Published: Thursday, March 7, 2024

The afternoon of February 28th greeted the attendees of the Chapters of Change: Anti-racism & Conversations event with a snowy welcome as they settled in for Eternity Martis’ discussion about her memoir They Said This Would Be Fun. The book, one that was created amidst various internal and external conflicts and struggles, details Eternity’s experiences during her undergraduate years at Western University.  

As one of the few Black students on a predominantly white campus, Eternity was made to face the complex realities as a woman of colour and found herself being “forced into all these boxes that people wanted to put me in”. During the event, Eternity took all attendees on an emotional and thought-provoking journey as she spoke about what she encountered and endured as an undergraduate, with an emphasis on how others viewed her body, skin colour and racial background and what kinds of behaviour this caused.  

Eternity highlighted her writing process and what motivated her to write about her experiences – “I wanted to show people they’re not alone in what they’ve experienced and felt,” she tells the attendees. Her goal of putting her experiences out there, for everyone to see and understand, inspired her to push through the obstacles she came across for publishing the memoir. Many questioned her credibility to be writing a memoir due to her age, allowing Eternity to realize just how important it was for her voice to be heard.  

With February being Black History Month, it became even more crucial to amplify narratives like Eternity’s, shedding light on the intersectionality of race, identity, and education. The event not only celebrated Martis’ resilience but also catalyzed discussion on breaking barriers, promoting inclusivity and listening to many other stories like Eternity’s.  

They Said This Would Be Fun is a powerful, moving memoir about resilience, pain and growth – read it now through available copies at the library.  


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