Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association
9 06, 2022

Pride 2022: Finding Your Community

2022-09-22T21:01:33-04:00Advocacy, Featured|

An important part of this month is finding and building community. Here at WUSA, we have some great groups that can help you get more connected.     Toronto Pride Parade  The Glow Centre is the place to be this

17 03, 2022

WSP Student Sustainability Town Hall W22

2022-05-11T09:45:13-04:00Advocacy, General, Sustainability|

The WUSA Sustainability Project and the Student Sustainability Committee present their virtual Student Sustainability Town Hall. The purpose of this event was to explore the various sustainability activities and concerns at the University of Waterloo from the student perspective.

26 01, 2022

Talking About Mental Health – Our Way

2022-05-10T10:59:39-04:00Advocacy, Featured|

This January as attention is drawn to corporate mental health campaigns; we want to recognize that talking about our mental health isn’t always easy. Some topics are quite heavy, and sometimes those around us aren’t in the mental space

23 01, 2022

There’s NO doubt about it: No means NO.

2022-05-10T12:13:53-04:00Advocacy, Featured|

Your body is a rare temple. You adorn it with life-giving plants, bespoke decorations, meaningful totems, creative and personal pieces of art. It’s so beautifully yours; unique and breathtaking and extraordinary. Suddenly, a violent entity breaks through the tranquil


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