WUSA’s Housing Playbook is Live!

Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2024

As undergraduate students, we are on the journey of adulting and navigating the “real world”. There are many responsibilities that we have to take on, and one of these being housing, particularly if you’re looking to live off campus! 🏠

But hey, we understand that managing responsibilities, like housing, can be stressful, especially alongside your academic and personal commitments.  

To help you navigate housing and tenancy as an undergraduate student, we’ve curated the WUSA Housing Playbook! 🎉 This comprehensive resource addresses various aspects of housing for students and covers topics such as finding suitable accommodation, understanding rental agreements, knowing tenant rights, resolving common housing issues, and providing tips for living off-campus.  

Let’s take a small peek at what the WUSA Housing Playbook has to offer: 

Tenant Rights 

The Tenant Rights section of the playbook looks into the various acts and agreements that protects tenant rights. A highlight of the WUSA Housing Playbook is that they summarize legal documents into layman terms so you can easily understand what your rights are 😊! 

Also featured under Tenant Rights includes definitions of common terminology, such as rent and deposit, and identifying invalid clauses that you may find on your lease agreements. To learn more, head over to the playbook by clicking here 

Lease Agreements 

The Lease Agreements section of the playbook looks into the different processes associated with leasing, including renewal, termination, transfers, and subtenancy. It also includes tips and considerations to keep in mind when signing a lease. We’ve also included a sample lease agreement in this section, so you know what to expect on a leasing agreement you sign with your landlord! 

Local and Provincial Resources ⚖️

There are so many other resources offered by the University and local and provincial groups. Check out the additional resources below that can support you:  

  • WUSA Student Legal Protection Program
    • WUSA is partnered with Studentcare to provide legal advice and representation to undergraduate students on issues relating to academic rights, co-op and employment, or housing and tenancy.
  • University of Waterloo Off Campus Housing Page
    • This page was created by the University of Waterloo with input from WUSA and other stakeholders as a resource for all UWaterloo students living off campus.
  • Waterloo Region Community Legal Services
    • Provides multilingual legal services, including housing law, to residents living in the Region of Waterloo.
      • + Did you know the Waterloo Region Community Legal Services and University of Waterloo Graduate Student Association partnered up to host free drop-in housing legal clinics! Their monthly legal virtual drop-in sessions will take place on the second Thursday every month from 2:00 – 4:00 pm via Zoom. These sessions will be hosted by a legal staff from Waterloo Region Community Legal Services. Please note that sessions during the summer term (May to August) will be reduced to 2:00 – 3:00 pm. Click here to learn more.
  • City of Waterloo Rental Housing Support Page
    • The City of Waterloo supports safe rental housing through licensing, inspections and enforcement of applicable bylaws.
  • City of Waterloo Good Tenant Tool Kit
    • Created by the City of Waterloo to support tenants living in the city by providing information including tenant responsibilities, tips for prospective renters, and recommendations for how to create a sense of community.
  • The Landlord and Tenant Board
    • Provides information about landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities under the RTA.

We hope the Housing Playbook is a helpful asset in navigating your housing and tenancy process! While this playbook does give helpful tips, please note that the playbook and the information provided in this article is intended as a guide, not legal advice. Anyone with legal questions should consult a legal professional. 

As a WUSA member, you can seek free legal support through WUSA’s Student Legal Protection Program. 




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