The Executive team consists of four specialized roles; President, VP Operations & Finance, VP Student Life, and VP Education. The Executives are elected in the Winter term of each year, and take office on May 1.

Benjamin Easton heads up the Executive team as President. The President represents undergraduates to the University administration, Senate, and Board of Governors, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of student government. The President also provides leadership and supervision to the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA), oversees the development and implementation of the approved Long Range Plan, and enforces the By-laws and Policies. The President responsible for day-to-day oversight of constituency societies on behalf of Students' Council, and communicating with colleges and residence councils.

Matthew Schwarze holds the position of VP Operations & Finance. The VP Operations & Finance oversees the financial and administrative aspects of the corporation. This pertains mainly to the annual budgets, financial management, human resources, secretarial duties, administered and group benefits programs, insurance policies and business operations. The VP Operations & Finance also serves as Executive Director of the WUSA-administered endowment funds (Student Life Endowment Fund and the Enterprise, Opportunity, and Innovation Endowment Fund).

Catherine Dong as the VP Student Life maintains and improves student life programs for uWaterloo undergraduates by supervising WUSA services, regulation and management of clubs, uWaterloo's student services, and overseeing first-year Orientation and student transition.

Stephanie Ye-Mowe holds the position of VP Education. In this role, she supports students with academic and co-op issues, navigates the co-op process, and lobbies university administration and staff to improve academic services on campus. The VP Education represents students to various UW Senate and administrative committees, oversees the Centre for Academic Policy Support, and supervises a number of commissions dedicated to government affairs (municipal, provincial, and federal governments). The VP Education lobbies to various levels of government on matters of importance to students related to post-secondary education.

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Students' Council

Students’ Council is the governing body of WUSA, representing students directly and serving as the highest legislative body in the organization. Council is made up of elected student leaders from each Faculty, Campus, and College. These student leaders represent the voices of their faculty peers, establishing and overseeing WUSA’s Policies while holding the Executive and Board of Directors accountable for their decisions. Council is responsible for budgeting, establishing administered programs (e.g. UPass), regulating elections, and governing Societies, services, and clubs. Student Councillors are elected during the the WUSA General Elections in the winter term.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is WUSA’s highest strategic decision-making body. It is accountable to the Students’ Council for guiding WUSA’s financial, human resources, legal and contractual affairs. The 10 members of the BOD are comprised of the President, VP Operations & Finance, two (2) elected Councillors, two (2) elected Directors (1-year term) and two (2) elected Directors (2-year term) who are nominated by Council's Director Screen Panel who elected at the March General Meeting.


The Students' Council recognizes and supports various student societies from each constituency across main campus and the satellite campuses. Constituency Societies are the reason WUSA gets its legal name and structure as a Federation.

Societies are responsible for and empowered to represent and advocate on behalf of students in their constituency to their faculty, school, college, or campus. Each Society takes a unique approach at promoting student success in their respective faculty, college, or campus. Some offer clubs and programming, others exam banks and study resources. Societies are a great way to connect with your peers, and professors!

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UW Senate

Senate is responsible for all issues relating to academic quality and planning at UW, including the granting of degrees, setting program requirements and approving academic regulations. It is made up of University administration, faculty, and nine student leaders. These student leaders are elected during the WUSA General Elections in the winter term. The WUSA President oversees the Senate's undergraduate caucus and makes recommendations to the Senate on the appointment of undergraduate Senators to the Board of Governors, Committees, and Councils.

In the 1970s, WUSA helped make the University of Waterloo the first institution in Ontario to include students as voting members on its Senate and Board of Governors.

UW Board of Governors

The University's Board of Governors is responsible for financial, legal, busienss, and strategic decision-making, as well as other non-academic affairs of the University. The Board sets tuition, reviews and approves the Senate-prepared budget, and final approval of University policies. Three undergrads, the WUSA President and two (2) student senators elected internally by the Senate on the recommendation of the WUSA President, serve on the Board of Governors as student representatives. The WUSA President appoints or makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on the appointment of undergraduate Governors to the Committees of the Board of Governors.