Employment & Volunteer Opportunities


Student-run Services Support Coordinator

Provide administrative support to the Services Manager and support to student leaders in areas of finance, programming, human resources and evaluation.

Marketing Assistant

The WUSA Marketing Assistant provides support to the Marketing Manager and the marketing department in meeting its goals of enhancing student awareness of WUSA and building our knowledge base on Waterloo students.

WUSA values your education; applicants can except to work 8 to 10 hours per week with priority given to your studies. Pay for this role is $15 per hour.


You’re an undergrad at the University of Waterloo who believes there’s no better way to tell a story than through visual media! You catch what others might miss and are big on the small details. Hours seem to pass like minutes when you’re editing and you love finding just the right song to set the tone of a video.

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)

The CRO will work closely with staff and volunteers to run elections for our many student leadership positions. They will be responsible for upholding the WUSA Elections and Referenda procedures and other relevant bylaws, policies, and procedures of the corporation conducive to equitable and efficient elections and referenda.


Volunteer Action Centre of Waterloo Region

For community based volunteer opportunities, please visit the Volunteer Action Centre of Waterloo Region website.