Health and Dental Agreement Addendum Appendix E 2013


Whereas and the FEDS have contracted for the provision of consulting and administrative services and management of the Plan,

Therefore the following addendum to the original agreement represents any additional understandings and responsibilities of the parties:

  1. The Plan coverage and premiums for the 2009-2010 policy year will be determined at time of renewal and will be attached as Appendix “A”. Any subsequent revisions must have the final approval of the FEDS.
  2. This agreement will terminate on August 31, 2013 if either party provides notice of termination to the other party six (6) months in advance. If such notice of termination is not provided, either party may elect to renew the agreement for another term not to exceed two (2) years by providing notice thereof to the other party no later than three (3) months before the termination date.
  3. In the event the FEDS receives a bona fide proposal detailing risk structure, administrative services and support, and Plan coverage from an alternative provider during the term of this agreement that is at a lower cost than provided by, shall have the opportunity to match such competing proposal for services and coverage to within a maximum of 5% of the per student premium. If matches to thing the 5% variance, this agreement will continue under the terms and conditions contained within. If does not match within the 5% variance, this agreement may be terminated by the Feds at the end of a policy year. In the exercise of this provision, both parties agree to act reasonably and in good faith toward one another, and not to use this provision in an abusive or oppressive manner.

Agreed to this handwritten 28th day of handwritten May 2009.

Signature Lev Bukhman, President for Quebec Student Health Alliance Inc.  Signature Allan Babor, President for Federation of Students, University of Waterloo  Signature Chris Neal, VP Administration and Finance for Federation of Students University of Waterloo