Website UWCC

Program Description: University of Waterloo Campus Compost is a student-run campus-based organization under the Waterloo Sustainability Project. Our main goal is to improve waste management at the University of Waterloo, raise environmental awareness through composting, and promote low-waste practices.

Benefits of volunteering with UWCC: 
You will be a part of sustainability action by working with a friendly and like-minded team.
You will get to learn more about composting and sustainability, and share your own knowledge with the broader UW community.
Expanding your network in the University of Waterloo community through our collaborative meetings; we often socialize and play games!
Opportunity to demonstrate and strengthen your leadership skills.
End of term appreciation gift.
Effective date: Fall 2022
Weekly time commitment: approximately 5 hours
Required skills
Proficient in social media management or navigation
Graphic design
Excellent collaborative skills
Great interpersonal skills
Time management and organizational skills


Design online campaigns to promote zero waste practices and general sustainability

Create social media posts with the social media coordinator

Write, edit, and publish blog submissions

Create infographics and other more detailed content

Manage the UWCC website

Organize boothing table at events like O-week or WUSA Services Day

Collaboration with the Social Media and Research team in developing a professional blog/site about UWCC

To apply for this job please visit