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UW Global Medical Brigades – Bag of Coffee Beans


UW GMB is a non-profit club that is part of the largest student-led movement for global health organized by dedicated undergraduate students interested in the healthcare field and global health. Our mission is to empower under-resourced communities as well as the Brigaders (volunteers) to resolve global health and economic disparities. Our vision is to ignite the largest student-led social responsibility movement to improve quality of life.

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With the goal to increase access to healthcare and improve community health, UW GM/DB is organizing a 7-day medical brigade to rural Panama from August 21st to 27th, 2022 to work with locally licensed medical professionals and trade workers. As Brigaders, we become global citizens through ethical cultural exchange, we gain hands-on clinical experience during the mobile medical/dental clinic days, and we help build public health infrastructure (ex. hygiene & sanitation stations, eco-stoves, and water trenches) during public health days, and make lasting connections to make this world a better place. In order to meet our donation goal for each Brigader, we are organizing a samosa fundraiser. The donation goal covers payment for the licensed medical practitioners, trades workers, translators, security guards, medical supplies, and public health infrastructure materials, as well as clean water, food, accommodation, and transportation for each Brigader participating in this upcoming medical brigade.
For our fundraiser,
one box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts is available for $12,
one bag of coffee beans is $20

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