Job Description:

We are looking for students who are interested in ensuring the success of WUSA events throughout the term. This is mainly a SETUP and TAKEDOWN crew. There will be other opportunities for involvement in events, however, successful applicants will be mainly working to ensure events are setup in time and/or taken down in a timely manner. 

Your Tasks:

  • Choose at least 2 event shifts in a term
  • Show up and complete your scheduled shifts
  • Be Awesome

Your Rewards:

  • For every event shift you successfully complete, you will receive a $10 WUSA gift card that can be used at any of the WUSA commercial services (like Feds Used Books, INews, WUSA Main Office, etc)
  • Satisfaction in the knowledge that you helped an awesome event be even more awesomer! 
  • Knowing you made a difference!
  • Helping ensure the success of an event through your hard work
  • A quick way to build your resume!
  • Meet new people
  • Explore new events
  • Become more involved in your campus!
  • Build your experience and possibly use your skills in other areas of leadership in the future!
  • Strengthen your muscles!

Your Abilities:

  • Must be able to lift chairs and exam tables
  • Must be able to complete repetative tasks
  • Ability to receive instructions and work independently

If you think this is an awesome way to get involved, help your campus and ensure the success of events, please apply! You can do this!

** NOTE: Please only sign up if you are able to help on a regular basis, particularly during the first two to three weeks of the term.


Application Open: 2019/8/19 11:52 AM 

Application Deadline: 2019/11/25 11:52 AM 

Please submit your application on the University of Waterloo LEADS site