Student Accessibility Commissioner

Job Details

Job Title: Student Accessibility Commissioner (Part-time)

Department: Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA)

Reports To: Office of the President

Job Category: Part-Time Contract

Term: October 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021

Hourly Wage: $17.50/hour - Part-Time (8-10 Hours/Week up to 110 Hours)

Effective Date: October 2020

Primary Purpose

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association aims to serve, empower, and represent the undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. This position is responsible for the creation of a final report which identifies existing gaps in the accessibility landscape affecting students.

The WUSA Commission on Student Accessibility was created by direction of the Students’ Council to address gaps in accessibility advocacy across our organization and create recommendations for policy. The final report will inform discussions the Executive have with the Student Services Advisory Committee and the Undergraduate Student Relations Committee. This Commissioner shall exist until the acceptance of the final report or the end of the governing year, whichever comes sooner.

By accessibility, we are referring to accessibility across a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, motor, psychiatric, cognitive, perceptual, developmental.

Key Accountabilities


  • Maintains and builds relationships with AccessAbility Services and other stakeholders on campus
  • Represents undergraduate students on committees as assigned by the President
  • Creation of recommendations for University and external advocacy

Project Work

  • Reports to Students’ Council on the creation of a final report on accessibility
  • Develops and undertakes research, advocacy or outreach project(s) in alignment with the final report
  • Coordinate the activities of WUSA on issues of accessibility


  • Maintain communication with the University’s services and programs, including but not limited to AccessAbility Services and the Centre for Teaching Excellence.  
  • Work with the Marketing Department to communicate progress reports to Students’ Council and membership
  • Provide constructive feedback to key stakeholders and communicate expectations effectively
  • Acts as liaison between AccessAbility Serivces, student-run groups and the Executive
  • Meets regularly with the President to discuss priorities and projects
  • Report at least once per semester to the WUSA Student’s Council on relevant activities and directed initiatives 

Additional duties

  • Additional duties as assigned by the President 

Required Qualifications

  • Current undergraduate University of Waterloo student
  • Familiarity with AccessAbility Services
  • Working knowledge of WUSA policies and procedures

Nature and Scope

  • Broad knowledge of accessibility issues and campus services at UWaterloo or other universities
  • Passion and motivation to improve accessibility on campus
  • Ability to work independently and show strong initiative
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong time management (i.e. capable of handling multiple deadlines)
  • Able to identify confidential and sensitive information and understand its reasonable use


Application Deadline: 2020/10/01 11:59 PM

Please submit a cover letter identifying relevant qualifications and a resume prior to October 1st, 2020 to