The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) Poster Runner distributes posters on dedicated bulletin boards and outdoor kiosks throughout the Waterloo’s South Campus. The goal is to enhance student awareness of WUSA and all programs, services and initiatives we coordinate.

Workload:  One student is being hired to work approximately 8 hours per week.

Pay:  Starting wage is $14.00/hour.


  • An enthusiastic and positive undergraduate student in a first- or upper-year program who possess a strong work ethic.
  • Extremely reliable—expected to attend all required shifts
  • Very dependable in order to complete task of distributing all required posters throughout campus each week (fall/winter terms) or biweekly (spring term).
  • Required to pick up posters Fridays and have delivered/posted by Sunday p.m.
  • Has the ability to work multiple terms.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Marketing Specialists, the Poster Runner is responsible for the WUSA  poster run, including WUSA internal poster run distribution and an external businesses/services poster run distribution, with the following tasks and responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  • The pick-up of all posters each week, and the organization and preparation of all posters to be distributed on poster run route.
  • Heavy lifting of piles of posters required throughout campus.
  • Support with distributing and posting posters (letter and tabloid poster sizes) on bulletin boards and outdoor kiosks throughout campus, including student Residences, with the use of staplers and a heavy-duty staple gun.
  • Maintaining a clean and presentable poster board.

Application Information

All interested applicants are encouraged to submit a resume, and spring 2020 term availability via email with to with the subject line: Spring Poster Run Application

The deadline is Wednesday, March 25th at noon. No submissions will be accepted after this date. 

*Please note the 1st Poster Run of the term will take place Friday, May 1st, so an ideal candidate would be able to start on that date.  Exceptions will be made should no suitable candidates meet that criteria.