Term: upon selection - April 30, 2020

Eligibility: Current undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo, including off-term co-op students, part time students, and interested exchange students

Time Commitment:

                <5 hours/month from May to December 2019 and March to April 2020

                10 – 20 hours/month from January to March 2020

The Elections & Referenda Committee (ERC), in conjunction with the Chief Returning Officer of the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association, is responsible for the oversight of all elections, by-elections, and referenda administered by WUSA. The responsibilities of ERC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Having sufficient and adequate knowledge of the Elections and Referenda Procedures of Students’ Council to review and rule on all appeals to decisions made by Elections and Referenda Officers and the Chief Returning Officer
  • Reviewing the Elections and Referenda Procedures and suggesting changes or amendments, as necessary
  • Working in conjunction with the Chief Returning Officer and the President to propose solutions to issues arising during an election, byelection, or referendum
  • Setting referendum wording, and ensuring that a fair, unbiased language is used
  • Providing feedback on other aspects of WUSA’s Elections and Referenda, as necessary
  • Assisting the Chief Returning Officer and/or the WUSA President in the operation of WUSA Elections and Referenda, as required.

While the WUSA General Election occurs in the winter term (with nominations opening on October 23 2019), by-elections and referenda can occur sporadically throughout the year. Members of this committee are therefore requested to serve until April 30, 2020, with the understanding that WUSA will make as many reasonable accommodations as necessary for those who are at distance or on a co-op work term.

All interested undergraduate students are encouraged to submit an applications, in the form of a declaration of interest in the committee, to the WUSA President (pres@wusa.ca). Students who are currently off-campus or expect to leave main campus for a co-operative work term, who attend UW from a satellite campus, who are part time, and all interested undergraduate exchange students are equally encouraged to apply. Meetings always include a teleconferencing option for those unable to attend meetings in-person.