Reports to: Vice President, Operations & Finance

Term Length: Immediate – April 30th, 2019

Job Category: Part-Time (10-20 hours/week, additional as needed)

Travel Required: Some (limited to KW area), reimbursement provided for required travel

Wage: Starting at $14.50-$15.00/hour


     The Federation of Students at the University of Waterloo aims to serve, empower, and represent over 32,000 undergraduate and professional students at the University of Waterloo. The Vice President, Operations & Finance is responsible for and oversees operational, financial, human resources, commercial, business, and contractual affairs of the Federation of Students including preparation of budgets, insurance policies or pooled benefits plans for students, financial controls and payroll, legal agreements, establishment of business relationship with other parties, and supervision of full-time management personnel. 

     Reporting to the VP Operations & Finance, you will be focused on achieving the goals of the Operations & Finance department of the Federation of Students. You will be highly motivated to work in a fast-paced environment, be extremely well organized, detail oriented, have strong interpersonal skills and excellent time management skills in order for the following to be achieved.

Job Description:

     Recognizing that the function of Associate Vice President encompasses a broad and wide variety of roles and responsibilities, it is important to note that not all functions are contained within this definition, and the position itself should be ever-changing and adaptive to best meet the needs of the Federation.

     Responsible for assistance with oversight of Finances, budget compliance, budget deviation and amendment, as well as review and supporting the approval process for subsidiary society and affiliate budgets. Coordinate research efforts in financial planning, capital budgeting and capital improvement planning, and preparation of reports for the Vice President, Operations & Finance as well as the Budget & Appropriations Committee. Supports the Internal Funding Committee in supervision of Endowment Funds including the Enterprise, Opportunity, and Innovation (EOI) Fund and the Student Life Endowment Fund (SLEF).

     This position will receive data, analyze trends, and prepare reports on behalf of the VP Operations & Finance on financial performance of business units, budgets and accounting of actual expenses, and on the analysis of optional and refundable fees. The selected candidate will work closely with the Budget & Appropriations Committee, Board of Directors members, Internal Funding Committee, and representative Councillors.

     The role will work with the General Manager, Director of Operations & Development, the Accounting Manager and various Accounting Departmental staff, and the Research & Policy Officer.

Summary of duties:

At the direction of the VP Operations & Finance, and in consultation with the appropriate staff, the follow may be duties of the role. Exact functions may vary based on candidate experience, key competencies, and proficiency in those areas. Exact duties based on this list will be discussed with the selected candidate.

  • Under the supervision of the VP Operations & Finance, researches and develops a multi-year budgetary model with the advisement of the Accounting Manager, for consideration by the General Manager and VP Operations & Finance.
  • Research and develop, with the support of the Research & Policy Officer, capital budgetary models for separation of the capital budget from the operating budget. Support the development of a capital improvement plan to guide the budgetary process in coordination with appropriate staff.
  • Meet regularly with the VP Operations & Finance and the Vice Chair of the Budget & Appropriations Committee, and represent/act on the VP’s behalf on appropriate matters related to Finance and Funding where designated.
  • Act as liaison for and Vice Chair and Secretary for the Internal Funding Committee, to prepare appropriate documentation for the University, prepare committee records and budget, and ensure conditions on use of funds are met.
  • Maintain relationships with the University of Waterloo Finance Department and other critical stakeholders for University community, under the direction of the VP Operations & Finance.
  • Maintain and further relationships regarding high-level oversight of the administration and finances of the subsidiary societies of the Federation and other affiliates or programs (including the Student Refugee Program). Develop terms of reference for and support, as Vice Chair, a SubCommittee on Administration & Finance of the Committee of Presidents (SAF-COPS), responsible for supporting administrative and financial advisement and oversight of Societies.
  • Support review of budgetary compliance of departments within the Federation.
  • Data review and analysis under Student Choice Initiative: review finances and impact of programming on financial position. Prepare reporting for the VP Operations & Finance on matters pertaining to such programming, including analytics for subsidiary societies for verification purposes.
  • Monitor operational compliance with Federation of Students’ Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws.
  • Serve with or represent the VP Operations & Finance on related University or Federation Committees.
  • Other relevant duties as assigned.

Committee memberships:

  • Budget & Appropriations Committee, resource member
  • Internal Funding Committee, Vice Chair
  • SubCommittee on Administration & Finance of the Committee of Presidents, Vice Chair (when created)

Non-exhaustive list.


  • A current undergraduate student of the University of Waterloo (some exceptions may apply)
  • Interest and skill set in finances, accounting, budgeting, resource management, administration, and research
  • Understanding of finance and some background in numerical analysis
  • Experience with formal reporting

Key Competencies:

  • Drive and motivation to coordinate and support a multi-million-dollar budget
  • Interest in enhancing the student experience and improving service offerings to students through mid-to-long term financial planning.
  • Strong research, review, and writing skills.
  • Ability to synthesize large amounts of information, financial data, and sales reports
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • MS Office advanced proficiency: excel and word proficiency required.
  • Strong time management skills (i.e., capable of handling multiple deadlines).

Application Information:

Please submit a cover letter and resume. Interviews will be scheduled following received applications. If you have any questions please email

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