Anti Racism Consultant - Co-operative and Experiential Education Student Equity Advisory Group

Application deadline: May 14, 2021

Position title: Anti Racism Consultant - Co-operative and Experiential Education Student Equity Advisory Group

Department: Co-operative and Experiential Education

Reports to: Co-op Student Experience Manager – Co-operative and Experiential Education

Compensation: Successful candidates for this role will receive $35/hr for approximately 10 hours of work for the term

Effective date: May 2021

Role Description

Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) is conducting a review of its processes and services for students through an equity and anti-racism (EDI-R) lens. Having a student voice to provide insight on this work is integral to its success.

The student consultants will provide feedback on various initiatives currently underway or planned to be started in the future by CEE staff. Recognizing the long history of disenfranchisement from integral student voices, particularly Black and Indigenous, selected students will provide qualitative feedback based on their lived, equity and/or anti-racism experience and knowledge. We want to make it clear that the students are not expected to do the systemic restructuring work necessary to improve equity within CEE but rather provide insight on how CEE can better support the student experience from an equity lens.

Regarding format, the CEE Student Equity Advisory Group will have a specific area of focus each term of its mandate (e.g. hiring practices, interview resources, student supports). The framework within which we approach each focus is intended to be anti-racist and intersectional, though the desired background and experience of members will influence the approach. Considering membership, we will prioritize those with marginalized identities and the corresponding lived experiences. Our intent is not to gatekeep entrance or access to this group but acknowledge the active exclusion of specific voices (e.g. Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA2S+, individuals who identify as neurodivergent), and ensure those voices are centred and provided with meaningful engagement within this space. To ensure continuity, and recognize the labor required for this work, we encourage participants who can commit 8 months but are flexible in welcoming any time commitments.

The inaugural focus of the CEE Student Equity Advisory Group will be through an anti-racism lens - in particular, to acknowledge the experiences brought forward by students over the past year regarding the lack of racial advocacy support on this campus, as well as align with the areas of focus outlined by the President’s Anti-Racism Task Force (PART).

Time Commitment: Time commitment is based on the stage of various CEE initiatives. On average, you will need to spend 1.5-3 hours each term attending CEE Student Equity Advisory Group meetings. In addition to that, members can expect to spend an additional 4-6 hours conducting focus groups, providing feedback on CEE initiatives, or sitting on staff hiring panels.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Provide CEE with qualitative student feedback based on social positionality and lived experience
  • Work with CEE to identify systemic barriers and gaps for student experience through the lens of equity and/or anti-racism and advise CEE on policies, practices, and other mediums to alleviate these issues
  • Support CEE in developing partnerships geared toward increased employment opportunities for historically marginalized, and minoritized, student groups 
  • When necessary, be a student representative (or nominate a representative) on CEE hiring panels to provide an equity lens from a student perspective on staff hiring

Requirements for the Role:

Preference will be given to candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • History, and or experience, doing advocacy and equity-related organizing on and off campus, whether big or small
  • Understanding of, and ability to, translate equity, anti-racism, and intersectionality into the accountabilities of this advisory group
  • Individuals with marginalized identities (ex. racial, gender, physical/mental capacity, religious, sexual), including overlapping intersectional marginalization, and lived experience will be prioritized as this group is intended to provide insight into how CEE can bridge gaps for those vulnerable communities

How to apply:

If you’re interested in being a part of this working group, please email Brent Thornhill, co-op student experience manager for Co-operative and Experiential Education at