WUSA welcomes Senate vote on opt-in CR/NCR grading

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Matthew Gerrits
VP Education
Mon, 03/23/2020 - 12:15

Today, the University of Waterloo Senate passed a motion instructing the administration to explore a process allowing students to optionally transition from numerical grades to credit/no-credit marks, without the need for a Policy 70 petition. This will not count toward students' major or cumulative averages, but will be represented as a "credit" (rather than a grade) for those who earn above fifty percent.

WUSA greets this vote with optimism, as we had asked the University administration to pursue this direction. We will continue collaborating with the University, as we work together to explore implementation, including whether students can petition to move a credit/no-credit designation to a numerical mark, relaxation of averages required in probationary terms, and edge cases as we identify them.  

We would like to thank the University administration for putting this motion forward to Senate, and Senate for swiftly considering it. At a time of change and complexity in our academic system unparalleled in recent memory, we acknowledge that this crisis is difficult for the University to manage. We will continue to offer them our support, in addition to student concerns and our recommendations. We thank the University for being partners, and we will continue to serve at any table where we are offered a seat.