#UWready: Orientation Checklist

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Vivien Pham
Communications Assistant
Mon, 08/12/2019 - 10:00

New Warriors, it’s almost time for Orientation!

We hope you’ve been counting down the days until you officially join the UWaterloo family. Whether you’re anticipating undergraduate, graduate and/or international Orientation, we thought it’d be useful to provide you a checklist of things that need to be done before you can have one of the most memorable weeks of your university career.

Make sure you’re registered!

This is the most important part. If you're unsure whether you have registered, find out by logging into your Portal, selecting “Calendar” and then “Events”. Select the one you're looking for and wait until you receive your email confirmation with the QR code that gets you checked into all Orientation events.

Register for airport pick-up

Are you an international student flying in to Toronto Pearson Airport? Make sure you register for free airport pick-up from August 29-31! You can register at the same time you're registering for Orientation on Portal.

Check your email for move-in details

There are thousands of new students moving in, so the Orientation team has arranged different move in times for different residences. Make sure you arrive at the correct time and with the correct directions!

Pick up your WatCard

Your WatCard is almost like an all access pass to life at Waterloo. Purchasing meals, hopping on the Grand River Transit, going to the gym, renting equipment, showing identification during exams, etc. - they all require your student ID. Make sure you stop by the SLC during move-in to pick yours up!

Get your swag bag and wristband!

Go to the Student Life Centre (SLC) and pick up your bag of goodies that will have everything you need for a successful Orientation week. This is also where you’ll be getting your Orientation wristband, which you'll need to have on you at all times to attend Orientation festivities.

Know your Orientation schedule

You'll get a paper copy when you get your swag bag and wristband, but you can view your schedule anytime on Portal so that you don't miss any of the fun!

Know when your classes are

Classes begin on September 4, and you don't want to miss your first class - the instructor may point out important details in the syllabus that you might accidentally disregard. This will also be an opportunity to find where all your classes are, and meet other classmates who may end up being your new study buddy.

Get familiar with campus!

Grab a copy of the campus map, or pull one up on your phone. You do not want to get stuck walking the entirety of Ring Road because you don’t know how to get back home (trust me, I’ve been there).

Check out Waterloo’s Orientation page for additional information. See you soon, Warriors!