#UWready: Helpful Hacks for Undergrads

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Yvonn Yu
Communications Assistant
Mon, 08/12/2019 - 09:45

If you’re nervous about starting university, don’t be! Here are some helpful hacks for students at the University of Waterloo that’ll make you a pro on campus before you even begin. Check out some more tips and hacks with the UWaterlooLife Hacks video!

  1. Know your syllabus

Don’t miss any exams, midterms, and deadlines by taking the time to go through your syllabus at the beginning of the course. University is great because you know exactly when all your deadlines are at the beginning of the course instead of finding out throughout the term. Write down these dates and set reminders on your phone for yourself so you don’t forget!

  1. Use a planner for time management

University can be very overwhelming at first. This is why it is helpful to keep a planner or download a planner app on your phone to help you stay on track. You can use it to schedule time for yourself to study, keep up with your assignments, and even keep track of the little tasks that you have to do like grocery shopping or laundry.

Don't forget to pick up a free planner from WUSA at the beginning of the year!

  1. Skip the long coffee line up

Don’t get your coffee right before or right after class because everyone will be trying to get their coffee fix at that time. Instead knowing when classes usually start and end can allow you to skip the lines and get your drink right away! Classes usually end ten minutes before each half hour so be sure to avoid these times.

Pro tip: International News in the Student Life Centre has Warrior Blend coffee specifically made for our campus - and shorter lines!

  1. Check out the undergraduate award database

If you have some free time, visit the undergraduate award database to find out about the scholarships that the school offers! Many students are unaware of these awards and they're a helpful way to fund your education.

  1. Visit Feds Used Books for cheap textbooks

Feds Used Books saved my life many times in first year when I was buying textbooks for my courses. Here you can get textbooks at a cheap price and sell your textbooks when you're done with them as well. It's located in the Student Life Centre basement. It’s also helpful to wait until after your first class before you decide whether or not you will need a textbook this term!

  1. Visit Waterloo Park to destress

Waterloo Park is just south of UW Place residence. It’s a nice secluded area with a pond, a boardwalk and even a mini zoo for when you want to get away from school for a bit, but don’t want to stray too far from campus.

  1. Download the app WATisRain to stay dry

This app was made by a Waterloo student and helps you find paths from one building to the next without having to step outside. It’s perfect for a chilly winter day or if it's pouring rain! You can also get familiar with the bridges and underground tunnels that connect our school.

  1. Explore campus to find hidden study spots

During exam time, it can be hard to find a study spot at one of our libraries. This is why you should explore campus when you have the time to find hidden study spots that few people know about! There are many great study spots on campus and you can even use open classrooms as a place to get your study on.