UPass Changes and Legal Service Focus of Upcoming Referendums

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Erin Kuepfer
Communications Assistant
Wed, 01/30/2019 - 14:45

It’s time to talk politics! In addition to voting for your elected representatives in this year’s upcoming Feds Election, you'll also be asked whether you're in favour of implementing a new legal service for students, and whether you're in favour of allowing students taking at least one on-campus course to be able to opt-in to the GRT UPass.

Legal Service Referendum

With both legal fees and private legal insurance costing individuals hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars, access to legal services might break the bank for some students. This referendum will determine if students are in favour of paying a fee of less than $30 to access Legal Protection Services.

This year-long fee would provide a “legal service hotline” to students for legal needs such as housing rights, employment rights, and academic rights.

Like the Health and Dental Plan, students can choose to opt out of this fee.

GRT UPass Referendum

As of right now, any undergraduate student taking fewer than three on-campus courses is ineligible for access to the Grand River Transit services. This means that a student taking a full course load with the majority of classes online is unable to have access to the GRT discounts that other students have.

This referendum will determine if students are in favour of expanding the current agreement with GRT to allow all undergraduate students with at least one on-campus course to be eligible to opt-in to the UPass.

For more information on past and present referendums, check out the Referendum section of feds.ca

And on February 5, 6 and 7 make sure to come to an on-campus polling station and voice your opinion on the referendums, or vote online