Students' Council Seats Up for Grabs

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Kristen Fajardo
Communications Assistant
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 11:45

Student submitting a ballot in the Feds elections

Are looking for a leadership role on campus, or interested in representing your fellow students? If you’re curious about finding more opportunities to get involved, or are passionate about voicing your opinions on student matters, take some time today to learn more about Feds by-elections!

By-elections happen when elected seats need to be filled in between general elections. Currently, a number of Students’ Council seats need to be filled: 1 AHS Councillor, 2 Arts Councillors, 1 Environment Councillor, 5 Math Councillors, 1 Renison Councillor, 1 Kitchener Councillor, and 1 Cambridge Councillor.

“Filling these seats is really important in terms of being able to represent the student body in the best possible way, so that everyone’s voices are heard,” said Richard Wu, president of Federation of Students. “We’re all University of Waterloo students, but there are unique challenges that are specific to particular faculties, residences [or] satellite campuses. [Students’ Council] helps inform the decisions of the Federation of Students to make sure we are serving everybody.”

Students’ Council is comprised of student representatives from each faculty and college at Waterloo. In addition to holding the Executive accountable for their decisions, Students’ Council establishes and oversees Feds’ policies.

Sound like a role you might be interested in? To qualify to run, all you need is to be an undergraduate student, a student in the faculty, college or campus you are running for, and 25 physical signatures from active undergraduate students who are also in your particular faculty, college or campus. (You can download the complete nomination package on

“People who are passionate about helping are great candidates,” Wu said. Councillors are “ready and willing to advocate” for fellow students, he added.

In addition to representing your peers and helping to achieve positive change on campus, Councillors get to build leadership skills and meet tons of new people in the process.

“You get to network and build valuable communication and problem-solving skills, [and also] learn to make decisions effectively to solve problems that many students face, from very diverse backgrounds,” he elaborates.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, the nomination period is now until June 11. The campaigning period will run from June 18 to June 29, and polls will be open between June 27 at 10 a.m. to June 29 at 10 p.m. Students can place their votes at, or at polling stations on campus. Keep an eye out for more details on dates and times!