Student Legal Insurance: Your Input Needed!

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Justin Low
Communications Assistant
Wed, 01/24/2018 - 10:30

Have you ever needed legal support, but couldn't pursue it because of financial barriers? Or had a legal question you wanted answered? The Federation of Students (Feds) Legal Expense Coverage Survey gives University of Waterloo undergraduate students an opportunity to weigh in on the need for student legal insurance on campus.

Student Legal Insurance Survey“There’s not a lot of legal access for students to be able to pursue their goal or their case,” said VP Operations & Finance Brian Schwan. “With this support, students would have more significant pressure to put on the person or company they’re having an issue with when they have a lawyer with them.”

Student legal insurance would provide undergraduates with legal support from professional lawyers in the Waterloo area against legitimate cases on issues such as rental deposits, poor living conditions, employment concerns, and academic grievances.

“This comes at no upfront cost to the students,” Schwan said. “It would be charged at a term-to-term fee on their Quest statement, and students can opt out of that fee if they don’t want to be a part of it.”

Feds has introduced the Legal Expense Coverage Survey to gather insight on students’ experiences with the justice system and to evaluate the benefits of adding legal assistance and insurance alongside students’ Health Plans.

It will also evaluate if students have tried to seek legal support but could not continue because of financial or other barriers, Schwan said.

The Legal Expense Coverage Survey is currently open to all University of Waterloo undergraduate students. Be on the look out for members of the Feds Promo Team, who will be handing out surveys to students across various campus locations.

Once collected, the data from the survey results will be published on for all students to see.

If enough support for student legal insurance is present, students can expect to see the service implemented within the next year.

“The referendum would probably happen in the fall 2018 term, and the service can be expected to come in the spring 2019 or fall 2019 term,” Schwan said.  

Undergrads are encouraged to fill out the survey and provide feedback on the need for student legal insurance.

For more information on the legal survey or legal insurance, contact VP Operations & Finance Brian Schwan. For current issues regarding academic grievances or housing issues, please contact VP Education Andrew Clubine.