Spotlight: Nada Abouelnaga, Clubs Assistant

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Sabrina Guillen
Communications Assistant
Sat, 11/16/2019 - 12:15

If you're engaged in the extracurricular world of campus life, then you’ve probably either encountered or joined one of our over 250 clubs. WUSA supports a diverse collection of student-run clubs that cover everything from academics to community involvement, games, and even hobbies. If you're interested in seeing all the clubs your student association has to offer, check out our directory.

To support all of our awesome clubs with management, facilitation, best practices, policies, and much more, WUSA has set up a dedicated team of volunteers: the Clubs Support Team. One of the masterminds behind it all is who we’d like to shine a spotlight on for this week:

Clubs Assistant, Nada Abouelnaga!

NadaNada is a third-year Biomedical Sciences student, who although she’s only been a member of the Clubs Support Team since the Winter 2019 term, is extremely dedicated to creating the best possible experience for students. She got her start as the president of the Chess Club but felt like one club just wasn’t enough.

So, Nada decided she wanted to be more involved with WUSA, in a position where she could better support other clubs as well; being actively engaged with more clubs had always been her goal.

"I love how different each of them is from another, which is really, really mind-blowing" 

While she initially began as a volunteer, she quickly realized she wanted to take on a bigger role and better engage with the team. Wanting to seek out more opportunities to grow would prove to come with its challenges though! With each club being so unique, Nada quickly recognized the importance of learning how to adapt to all their varying needs. This often involved going around and exploring those differences, something she found very useful in expanding her horizons about how to interact with different people on campus.

Her favourite part about her time so far has been her amazing team that works hard to ensure all club operations go smoothly. What’s the one thing she wished more students knew?

"No matter your hobbies or interests, you will always be able to find a club that suits you and if you don’t, you can always start one! There really are no limitations to how many clubs or topics we can have."

Nada really enjoys that she’s had the chance to grow alongside other clubs because of how dynamic and different they are. It’s helped her develop her leadership, networking, and interpersonal skills, all while still having fun. Most importantly, it has challenged her adaptability and quick thinking through repeated problem-solving. She's also currently part of a very exciting plan that she can’t wait for her fellow students to enjoy...

For the first time ever, the Clubs Support Team is organizing a Clubs Week which will be happening in March of the Winter 2020 term in conjunction with Cultural Caravan. This will be a great opportunity to get more clubs involved with WUSA, and most importantly - introduce them to all of you!

Continuing to look forward, Nada wants to make sure that people know that if students are looking to get involved, there are plenty of opportunities -and with extensive support! So don’t be afraid to take that risk. WUSA is very big and there are so many different ways to engage in campus life as a member, club executive, volunteer, coordinator, and so many other possibilities. 

But how does she manage all of this alongside her studies? "My calendar is my best friend!" says Nada, "...if I have something written down on my calendar, then I won’t forget it and so I aim to kinda plan my extracurriculars around my study times and ensure that everything always has 100% input from me." 

Clubs can really help support you with your student experience. Ultimately by helping you run your clubs and advising on all the administrative details, it frees you up to spend more time doing the things you love. However, this valuable experience is jeopardized by those who opt-out of the clubs fee. Without the fee, fewer (or possibly no clubs) will be operating on campus, which will eliminate this as an outlet for students to have fun, relax, and make connections. 

Nada clearly sees value in supporting a diverse club community. 

"WUSA definitely builds on the students’ character by getting them more involved on campus, which is what I got from this experience. I'm really grateful to have been offered this opportunity to be more 'in action' and aware of what happens on campus."

So, you heard Nada. Get out there and get involved!

Do you require assistance with a club-related issue? You can reach out to the Clubs Support Team or visit them in the Clubs Community Centre, SLC 2139 between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. throughout the week. They would be happy to help you out!