Spotlight: Community and Recreation Coordinator Hannah Sesink

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Shannon Bradley
Communications Assistant
Fri, 11/18/2016 - 10:30

Every week, the Federation of Students will profile an outstanding club, volunteer, or part-time staff-member in the Spotlight series. This Spotlight is on Community and Recreation Coordinator Hannah Sesink. 

hannah sesink 

With over 200 clubs on campus, there are a variety of tasks that need to be done to ensure they all run smoothly. Hannah Sesink is a joint honours student in recreation and leisure studies, and social development studies. This fall term she has been working hard as the Community and Recreation Coordinator for the Federation of Students.

This term is Hannah's first in the role. Hannah's main duties consist of assisting clubs on campus with any, and all, of their needs. "When our on-campus community reaches out to the community coordinators, we work to supply as much help as possible to keep them running," said Hannah. "Our on-campus clubs and services help make our campus an exciting place to be, and as a community and recreation coordinator, I help these groups continue to excel." 

Hannah's fellow staff members have noted that her spirit, and enthusiasm have been a great addition to the team. Hannah has been commended for always being willing to connect with clubs, and get them more involved. She works out of the Clubs Community Centre.  

After graduation Hannah hopes to travel the world, and eventually attend teachers college in Australia.