Spotlight: Centre for Academic Policy Support

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Yvonn Yu
Communications Assistant
Thu, 06/06/2019 - 10:30

Name: Centre for Academic Policy Support (CAPS)
Location: Email
Established: 2018

If you ever need advice on how to navigate an academic policy concern, pay a visit to the Centre for Academic Policy Support (CAPS).

Petitions, grievances, and appeals can seem like an intimidating process to go through, and that's why CAPS exists to support you through it.

“We understand what a daunting and overwhelming process it can be and we are here to make things as straightforward, clear, and unburdened as possible,” said Maya Venters, academic affairs commissioner.

CAPS can help with clarifying university policy, explain your options, and walk you through the process of filing a petition, grievance, or appeal.

“You don’t have to do this alone!” said Venters. “At CAPS we are students just like you who have faced our own personal hardships throughout our academic careers.”

Students can visit CAPS when they need assistance with three specific academic policy issues:

  1. Petitions: Petitions fall under academic Policy 70. Students may file a petition when an extenuating circumstance may affect their academic performance and mental well-being.
  2. Grievances: Grievances also fall under Policy 70. A grievance can be filed when a student believes that a university faculty member has been unfair, biased, or prejudiced against them.
  3. Appeals: Policy 72 describes the university policy concerning appeals. Student appeals can be filed to appeal a decision made under Policy 33 – Ethical Behaviour, Policy 70 – Student Petitions and Grievances, or Policy 71 – Student Discipline.

In the few years that CAPS has been in operation, they have already helped around 100 students a year. CAPS is run by the CAPS Coordinator and the Feds Academic Affairs Commissioner.

If you want more information about CAPS or want their help with a petition, grievance, or appeal, visit CAPS’ website or email