Spotlight: Off Campus Community

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Yvonn Yu
Communications Assistant
Mon, 08/12/2019 - 11:15

Name: Off Campus Community
Year Established: 1994
Location: Student Life Centre 2142

Did you know that when you live off campus, you can still take advantage of the support of a don from the Off Campus Community (OCC)? OCC is here for you to help you adjust to university life and deal with any concerns that you may have, as well as providing fun social events so you can meet new friends!

Originally, Off Campus Community started as Off Campus Dons (OCD), but due to the unfortunate acronym, they were renamed to Off Campus Community. Fun fact: during the discussions for their renaming, they were almost renamed to Off Campus Avengers!

Located in the Student Life Centre, the OCC office is designed to be a community space for students to hang out, ask questions, and get support from dedicated upper-year student volunteers that are there to help others - regardless of what study year you're in.

“Since OCC is for all students, there is a very diverse collection of students that come to the office,” said Ashna Kapur, OCC operations coordinator. “It allows for you to meet different people with many versatile interests and even interact with upper-year students that are in your program.”

Although OCC may be more helpful for first years, this service is for everyone! Upper-years are welcome to visit the OCC office space to hang out and play games and attend OCC events as well.

Some events that they host include karaoke nights, movie nights, and events called OCC Goes, where they take trips around the city to arcades and bowling alleys. Their office also has a wide variety of board games, guitars, and phone chargers for students to use. They also give out lots of free food!

“Though it may sound cheesy, you really do feel like you belong and you're not just another person in this sea of people,” said Kapur. “OCC makes you feel like you are a part of something and that you matter.”

For more information on OCC and to keep up with their events, visit their Facebook page [external link] or send them an email.