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Lubaba Hoque
Communications Assistant
Wed, 12/05/2018 - 11:45

Are you feeling stressed thinking about exams, co-ops and life? You're not alone - take it from someone who has been though it enough to know what you’re going through.

Stress is unavoidable but it can be handled well. Below are two steps I follow and recommend to help manage stress, especially at higher-stress times like exams: 

  1. Create a schedule to allocate your time efficiently. Take into account every deadline and all extracurriculars. Then, allocate study time for each class and set realistic goals of what you want to accomplish every day.
    Why it works: Creating a schedule alleviates stress because it allows you to compartmentalize and focus on one thing at a time. Thinking about all things all the time can leave you feeling helpless. I know it takes time to make a schedule and to plan out the days until the semester ends, but you will be thankful that you have it. Trust me!
  2. Do something fun or something that you enjoy even amidst the chaos. Don’t cut out the things that you enjoy completely. Schedule them into your calendar and allow yourself room to breathe.
    Why it works: Depriving yourself of all things that you enjoy will only leave you unmotivated and more stressed. If watching Netflix for an hour or hanging out with your friends will refresh your mind and make you laugh, then allow yourself the time to take that well-deserved study break.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, know that there are resources on campus such as student advisors, councillors [external link] and peer-to-peer support from UW MATES. Talk to your friends and family if you're feeling stressed. Chances are you will feel better after talking to them and you might pick up some useful advice from others who have been there and know what you're going through.

With the end of the term near, take a deep breath and believe in yourself. You got this!