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Erin Kuepfer
Communications Assistant
Wed, 02/13/2019 - 15:45

Happy Valentine’s Day! For a lot of people this Hallmark Holiday brings thoughts of dinner for two over candlelight, sappy cards, and endless bouquets of roses. The first impressions of Valentine’s Day are that it’s reserved for couples alone.

Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When asked their thoughts on the holiday the majority of UW students said something along the lines of, “it’s lame."

But Valentine’s Day can be looked at from a different angle. Whether in a relationship, just starting to see someone, or happily single, it’s time to make self love the new focus. Treat yourself the way you would treat that special someone.

It doesn’t have to be buying yourself that expensive diamond necklace for it to be considered “self love”. Taking a day to focus on yourself, your mental health, and what makes you happy is the key to thriving on any day– Valentine’s Day included. Several Waterloo students shared some tips on what they feel contributes to their self love:

Working Out

“I think that physical and mental health are closely linked. When I take care of my body I ultimately have a greater love and respect for myself as a person. That’s why I like to visit the gym when I have the chance, or at the very least get outside and be active on the daily. For me, working out relieves a lot of stress and improves my overall happiness.” – Lauren Monhemius, first-year Environment and Business student.

Listening to Music

“When I’ve had a bad day I can use music as an escape. Listening to music is something I really enjoy doing, and I feel like everyone needs those moments where they can just throw some headphones on and focus on themselves and the music for awhile. My favourite artist is the Tragically Hip, highly recommend!” – Ryan Adair, first-year Public Health student.

Having a Mini Spa Day

“I think it’s important to treat yourself! For me, that means buying some face masks, bath bombs, candles and throwing myself a relaxing spa day. Everybody loves to get pampered so it’s something I like to keep up with every once in awhile. I think that a spa day is a good idea for anyone for Valentine’s Day.” – Nicole Wilson, third-year Legal Studies student.

Watching Some Good Ol’ TV

“Honestly if I’m looking to treat myself I go straight for a movie or TV show on Netflix. I feel like people think that “treating yourself” has to be some big, extravagant event, but with school keeping everyone busy I think it’s the little things that matter most. It’s a good way to unwind and celebrate a finished assignment or a long day.” – Jake Fair, second-year Arts and Business student.

When you remove all of the romance, cheesy cards and gifts, Valentine’s Day is just another day. So use the day to remind yourself of how important self love is. You may not be doing any of the above ideas, but focus on what makes you happy and roll with it. And if that means binge watching Netflix all day while eating ice cream, then so be it! Students need to be reminded that prioritizing themselves, especially in the midst of a holiday that makes being single seem shameful, is not a crime.

To all the couples out there, enjoy Valentine’s Day. And to everyone not partaking in a couples’ event, enjoy Valentine’s Day. It’s your day as well. So how will you be spending this Valentine’s Day?