Results are in: Senate By-Election

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Lisa Umholtz
Communications & Media Relations Specialist
Fri, 03/22/2019 - 09:45

Thanks for voting in the Senate By-Election! Voter turnout was 2.7% with a total of seven passionate candidates running for the one at-large undergraduate seat on Waterloo’s Senate.

Congratulations to Sabrina Khandakar who will take office from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2021. We look forward to your work representing all of us undergrads over the next two years!

Sabrina KhandakarKhandakar, Sabrina: 331 (36.9%)
Umar, Yasmin: 243 (27.1%)
Zhang, Lisa was eliminated in the fifth round of STV.
Kalra, Priyanka was eliminated in the fourth round of STV.
Ghuwalewala, Vidyut was eliminated in the third round of STV.
Narang, Aryan was eliminated in the second round of STV.
Lindstrom-Humphries, Delainey was eliminated in the first round of STV.

In the multiple rounds, voters whose first option was now eliminated had their second ranked option counting as their first ranked choice.  For information on ranked voting and STV, see Feds voting processes.

Full details of this race:

Droop Quota: 441
Eligible voters: 33,160
Votes cast: 897 (2.7050663449939685% of students voted in this ballot)
Declines: 16

Wondering what “droop quota” means or why it matters for results? See Feds voting processes to answer that and all your questions on ranked voting.

Information on the responsibilities of Senate can be found on the University Waterloo’s Secretariat website.