Our first WUSA Town Hall is TONIGHT!

Megan Town
VP Education
Wed, 07/08/2020 - 23:15

You're invited

Recently, we shifted from holding two general meetings a year to one meeting in the spring term. We’ve received lots of feedback from students about the content and format of general meetings. Typically, we spend these meetings discussing bylaw changes, elections and increasing student fees to keep par with inflation. (Riveting, I know) Additionally, because of the nature of these decisions we need to follow parliamentary rules of order which tend to be confusing and difficult to learn. We’ve found that students just don’t care about general meetings and that’s fair! 

Instead, we’re shifting to hold multiple town halls a year where you can talk to your execs about the issues that matter to you.

As we look ahead, our priorities are:  

  • Working with you (our students) 

  • Having discussions and really listening 

  • Solving problems in tangible ways 

  • Updating you on where we’re at and where we’re going

We want to have an open discussion about what we’re up to and what’s important to you, so that we can advocate to improve your university experience. 

There's still time to submit your questions and register for the event! 

We use the word "advocacy" or "advocate" a lot around here. The definition of advocacy that resonates with our organization’s mission is:

Students taking action to help all students access the education and supports we need to succeed.

To me, advocacy is a cyclical process of: 

  • Listening to your concerns 

  • Coming up with feasible ways to address them 

  • Taking the problems and solutions to the right people 

  • Following up with you and the change-makers 

I’m hopeful that our new WUSA Town Halls will provide opportunities for open dialogue, not just for advocacy but, for all aspects of WUSA so we can learn how to support you – improving your experience both in and out of the classroom!