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Tue, 10/10/2017 - 16:15

You have the power to guide the direction of your student union. Exercise that right at Feds October General Meeting!

Students voting at general meeting

All undergraduate students are welcome and encouraged to attend the October General Meeting (GM) at 12 p.m. on October 24 in the Student Life Centre Great Hall.

This is your opportunity to vote on important updates that will affect your campus life. Online voting at GMs, student engagement at GMs, pay restructuring, and bylaw changes to give society presidents a seat on Students’ Council are all on the agenda. To view the agenda (PDF) or learn more about the GM format (we follow Robert’s Rules), please visit feds.ca.

Can’t make it? You can drop in and out if you have class or other on-campus obligations, or vote by proxy (PDF) if you’re off campus (basically, tell a friend who is attending how you want to vote on each item and they can vote for you – it’s easy!). Please submit proxies to pres@feds.ca by 4 p.m. on Oct 20.

As part of Mental Health Wellness Day, members of the President's Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health will round out the GM with a Q&A panel on mental health on campus, featuring remarks from Feridun. 

Free breakfast will be provided to thank attendants for participating, so grab your friends and join us on Oct. 24!

See you there,

Antonio Brieva
President, Federation of Students
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