New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy and Healthy 2022

Sam Jones Faulkner
Communications Assistant
Wed, 01/05/2022 - 09:30

Welcome back, Warriors!

First and foremost, congratulations Warriors for making it to 2022! This coming year is likely to bring a lot of uncertainty, as have the last two years, and setting resolutions can seem like a daunting task when you do not know what the future holds. Even with all the changes happening, you persevered and made it to another semester of your undergraduate career! Our world does not look the same as it did two years ago and, even if that may seem like a long time, we are all still adjusting.  

This year’s resolutions may look a little different from previous years. For example, a common resolution is going to the gym. While getting “fit” at the PAC isn’t a current option, we can still set achievable resolutions to help meet our overall goals. Instead of going to the gym, set a goal to get outside every day for a walk around the block or follow a 10-minute Yoga YouTube video once a week. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Create a clutter-free workspace – Clutter can create stress whether we know it or not. Put together a cleaning schedule based on your time and needs. It could be as simple as making your bed every morning or taking your used dishes to the kitchen instead of letting them pile up in your room. 

  1. Make a connection with one new person – Meeting people in the pandemic is hard. A good place to start is the potential of joining a club! There are over 200 WUSA Clubs made up of UW students who will share one of your passions. Maybe a club is too big of a commitment? WUSA is holding our Winter Welcome Week virtually from January 17 – January 21. Register for a free event to meet some fellow undergraduates. Details coming soon! 

  1. Make mental wellness your priority – Write and recite a daily affirmation. Use a breathing and mediation app once a day after studying. Whatever your preference is, remember to take care of your mental wellbeing. New year’s does not need to be a completely new reinvention of self. It can simply be a reminder that you have needs to be addressed and taking time to focus on those needs is ok. Eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep and getting outside are all important. If you need extra support, click here to learn about MATES, book an appointment with Counselling Services, email KW Counselling, or call, 1-844-437-3247, Here24/7 if you need. These services exist to care for you. And feeling mentally healthy is so much more valuable than bench pressing 150 this year. 

How can I keep my resolution? 

The resolutions we stick with are the ones that can be easily incorporated into our existing routines. If you want to go on daily walks, set a prompt to act as a reminder. If you eat dinner at six, make it a habit of walking before you eat. If you like a morning coffee, take the cup on-the-go and drink it as you walk around the block. 

One of the best tips for sticking with habits is to try and avoid skipping two days in a row. Off days happen and you may not feel up to it one day. But try to push yourself to do it the next day so not to break the habit. After a second day not doing the task, it becomes easy to forget and fall out of routine. 

We know you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, Warriors. We hope you have a safe and healthy 2022.