Meet Your Feds Exec: Savannah Richardson, VP Student Life

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Kristen Fajardo
Communications Assistant
Fri, 05/18/2018 - 13:15

At Federation of Students, we have a lot to offer when it comes to enhancing students’ activities and services, like a myriad of student-led services, special events, and a diverse array of clubs. Savannah Richardson is committed to improving the student experience as the new Feds’ Vice President Student Life (VPSL).

Savannah RichardsonRichardson’s enthusiasm for student leadership began early in high school, and is a passion she has continued to develop over the years.

“I love this kind of work. I love working with student groups,” Richardson said. “The focus on how to improve the student experience – through services, clubs, societies and events – draws me in. There’s just so much direct relation with the students on how to improve life on campus outside of academics.”

Richardson has an impressive track record of student involvement over the course of her undergraduate career in Health Studies: she has helped with five Orientation Weeks, been part of AHSUM (the AHS Student Society), volunteered with Health Services, was a Peer Leader in Residence, and was an Athletics Team Promo Member. Last year, Richardson worked with 2017-2018 VPIN (now VPSL) as Society Relations Commissioner, which piqued her interest in running for VPSL.

“The VPSL oversees all the student-run services. We have twelve right now and we’re going to be implementing a thirteenth this year which will focus on inclusion and diversity,” Richardson said. “I also oversee clubs, student societies and special events [such as] Welcome Week, Wrap-Up Week, and Beach Day that goes on in the spring term.”

In addition to these responsibilities, Richardson also acts as the student voice on many important committees, notably the Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), which is tasked with reviewing the adequacy of the services included in the Student Services Fee.

Already a few weeks in to her role, Richardson has hit the ground running.

“My typical day looks like meeting with different student groups, whether that’s Service Coordinators or society presidents. I would also say [it involves working with] some campus partners, [for example] someone in the Student Success Office or Athletics, [depending on] the projects we’re working on,” Richardson said. Part of the job also means communicating with Feds staff about any of the events that take place day-to-day, and dropping by these events to connect with students.

Richardson plans to continue her predecessors work in improving relations and services at satellite campuses by engaging society presidents and finding ways to bring events and services to them. In addition, she will continue to improve and introduce new wellness events on campus.

“I’d really like to continue working on wellness events [and thinking about] how we can approach wellness from multiple lenses: mental, physical and lifestyle,” she said.

She also shared her excitement about the idea of bringing together society presidents for a termly event, where all societies would contribute and work together to create a campus-wide event.

For students with any questions or concerns, you can reach your VPSL at, (519) 888-4567 x33780, or in SLC 1102. Visit for more info on your student union!