Meet Your Feds Exec: Kurt MacMillan, VP Operations and Finance

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Kristen Fajardo
Communications Assistant
Fri, 05/18/2018 - 13:30

Have you ever been curious about the administrative behind-the-scenes at Federation of Students? Here’s your chance to learn more about Kurt MacMillan, Feds’ 2018-2019 Vice President Operations and Finance (VPOF), and what part his role plays in fees and commercial operations on campus.

Kurt MacMillanMacMillan, a fifth-year Kinesiology student, has been involved with the University of Waterloo community throughout his undergrad as a member of the varsity football team and as a bartender at The Bombshelter Pub. After his promotion to student manager, MacMillan developed a keen interest for the administrative work that happens behind the scenes. It was this interest drew him to the VPOF position.

“I oversee administrative and financial aspects of Feds, as well as some of the commercial operations,” MacMillan said. These operations include The Bombshelter Pub, International News, The Caffeine Dispensary for the School of Pharmacy, and Feds Used Books.

Regarding budgeting, MacMillan is involved in helping with important aspects of students’ fees, particularly the Health and Dental Plan and the U-Pass agreement. He also works closely with the IT, Accounting and Marketing & Communications departments.

“My typical day [involves] answering e-mails, trying to help students who have difficulties with the WatCard, and plenty of meetings with the managers and directors of all the operations that fall under my portfolio,” he said.

Just a couple of weeks into the job, MacMillan is excited to start on projects he hopes to fulfill during his time as VPOF, like continuing on from his predecessor, Brian Schwan, by ensuring lively food choices are always available at student-friendly prices, and starting some initiatives of his own.

“Coming from Athletics, I’d like to get Athletics and Feds working more closely. I found there was a bit of a disengagement between the two, and I feel like Athletics could bring out more student unity [and] bring people together,” he said, suggesting meet-and-greets with University of Waterloo teams in The Bombshelter Pub after games.

Time management and learning to balance workload is a large part of being able to work effectively as a Feds Executive, MacMillan said. When he does find spare time, he sticks close to his athletic roots and enjoys playing sports and going to the gym, as well as playing guitar and hanging out with friends.  

He also encouraged students with questions or concerns to reach out to him at, (519) 888-4567 x33880 or at his office in SLC 1102.

“The door is always open,” he said.

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