Meet Your Feds Exec: Amanda Fitzpatrick, VP Student Life

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Vivien Pham
Communications Assistant
Tue, 05/21/2019 - 09:00

Whether you’ve seen her on the cover of Imprint, protesting at a student rally, making an appearance in the SLC, or simply raising her hand in one of your Arts classes, Amanda Fitzpatrick is one of the many faces who makes an active effort to ensure that this campus is an enjoyable and equitable space for all. It only makes sense that she has been elected in to office as your new Vice President Student Life.

Fitzpatrick began her university journey at the University of Waterloo because this was the only institution in Canada that offered her program, speech communication.

“Once I realized that was an option, I narrowed it down pretty quickly,” she said. “I applied to two other schools, but Waterloo was always the main choice for me.”

She is just finishing up her double major in speech communication and women’s studies, where she learned pretty quickly that a lot of her studies are social justice and equity based. In the past four years Fitzpatrick has also been heavily involved on campus. She started out volunteering for the Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and later advanced her involvement by becoming an exec and coordinating the centre for three terms. She is also a proud facilitator of the Making Spaces Program.

While taking on these leadership roles, Fitzpatrick strived to collaborate with equity-seeking services in order to advocate for initiatives that are important to her. Funny enough, despite her involvement, she didn’t exactly know what Feds does as a whole until the most recent year.

“After learning about the position VP Student Life and what the election process would be, I created a team and we all decided to run," she said. "I specifically ran because equity is really important to me, and I wanted to have a position where I could make the most changes possible, support other equity-focused issues on campus, and support students as a whole.”

Despite being the only one from her team to get elected into office, Fitzpatrick realized that she and her fellow elected Exec have plenty of similar platform goals. They are working on an action plan that aligns with their promises to students and they plan to bring forward as much of their platform goals as possible.

As for herself, one of Fitzpatrick’s biggest goals for the upcoming year is to focus on anti-racism on campus. She plans to partner with the Equity Office and Feds’ equity-seeking services to create anti-oppression training for dons, staff, faculty and anyone else who would like to take it.

“There’s definitely a rise of hate crime, hate speech, racism and xenophobia," she said. "I want to make sure that all students on campus feel represented and do feel safe.”

Fitzpatrick is aware that there are many issues that students are dealing with.

“I want to make sure that anyone can feel open coming to talk to me. I’m here to support students, whether that be issues with gender-neutral bathrooms, an issue you have with a prof, or you just want someone to talk to – I’m here.”

You can reach your VPSL Amanda Fitzpatrick at, (519) 888-4567 x33780, or you can visit her at her office in SLC 2118H.