Abbie Simpson
Wed, 01/27/2021 - 08:30

know your wusa

For the students, by the students, your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is the collective and legal voice of all undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. As a UWaterloo undergrad, you are automatically a WUSA member and eligible to partake in all our activitiesevents and enjoy all the support we offer through our 13 campus services

For over 50 years, WUSA (or Feds as it used to be called), has represented the undergraduate student voice on advocacy issues like tuition, housing, campus safety, and transit and more recently included advocacy on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues to address changing student needs. In addition to advocacy work, WUSA also provides essential services, support and numerous opportunities that have made our association a supportive core of campus for undergraduate students. 

Some of Our Achievements 

WUSA has achieved great milestones and several important wins in our lifetime, all of which directly or indirectly, are aimed at positively impacting the lives of students on campus, designing better living, learning experiences, and creating lasting experiences. Some of the more popular wins you might remember are: 

  • Advocating for fall reading week 
  • Advocating with the government for changes to OSAP 
  • Advocating for CR/NCR grading and providing petition support through CAPS 
  • 13 WUSA student-run services representing, supporting, and providing community for students 

Who Runs Our World? 

WUSA is run by students like you with the support of staff members. Elected students through the Students' CouncilBoard of Directors, and Executive team provide direction on organizational priorities and help steer the work we do daily on a path that represents the needs and desires of the majority of students. These elected positions, some of which are paid, are open to all UWaterloo undergrads. If you are a UWaterloo undergrad, then you are a WUSA citizen who can nominate, vote and be voted for in all WUSA elections. 

Elections run each session. Elected officials are expected to be in their roles for one full session (May – April) with the opportunity to rerun for their positions or other in subsequent elections. WUSA uses a ranked ballot system where students rank candidates from their favorite to least favorite. During the voting period, students have the option to vote online at or vote in person at WUSA’s on-campus polling stations. * 

Winter 2021 Elections Cycle 

The election cycle for the Winter 2021 session is currently underway with nominations closing on Friday, January 22nd  and campaigns beginning on Monday, January 25th. Open positions include President, VP Education, VP Operations and Finance, VP Student Life, as well as seats in the Student Council and Senate. 

For the campaign period ending Thursday, February 4th, candidates have an opportunity to share their manifestos and convince students to vote for them via planned campaign events like the Imprint Debate on January 29th and Reddit AMA on January 31st. Candidates will also have their full bios up on the WUSA website and conduct other activities for their campaigns within the guidelines of WUSA’s elections policy. 

Your Participation Matters 

As a Waterloo undergrad and a member of WUSA, it is your democratic right to choose your representatives. Make your voice heard and participate in this election by engaging your candidates and voting your preference. These candidates will become The Executives who advocate on your behalf, The Student Senate responsible for academic quality and The Student Council representing your faculties. 

Voting is easy! It is just a click away, and only takes a couple of minute at Online voting will begin at 12 a.m. on Feb. 2 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 4.  

The results of the election will be released by WUSA online between February 5th - 6th. * 

*Due to the Corona virus pandemic, in person voting is limited this year. 

*Released results subject to council ratification. 


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