Feds Volunteers: Thanks for Being Awesome!

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Julie Nguyen
Communications Assistant
Tue, 11/13/2018 - 11:30

On November 12, we held our termly Feds Awards at The Bombshelter Pub to celebrate the many students who dedicate their time, effort, and innovation to organizing and running over 50 different Feds clubs and services throughout the term.

The clubs, services, societies, and governance efforts on campus are fully spearheaded by undergraduate students who volunteer their time to such groups. Clubs and societies range from competitions, mock trials, networks, volunteer opportunities, education, physical activity, and everything in between. The events and initiatives that make the University of Waterloo campus diverse and lively are largely a result of student-run initiatives.

Outstanding volunteers who go above and beyond are recognized termly with Feds Awards. Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners!

Executive Award

Will Milne

Will Milne, Bike Centre

As a 1A student, Will Milne impressed his peers who had long been involved with the UW Bike Centre. With his outgoing personality and dedication to his responsibilities as the Bike Centre Rental Program Manager lead to the success of a seamless bike rental program this term.

Volunteer Award 

Seneca Velling

Seneca Velling, Feds Governance

Seneca Velling is no stranger to Feds Governance, as he has dedicated countless hours to his various roles including Feds councillor, Secretary of Council, and Chair of the Board, which is his most recent involvement this semester. Seneca spearheaded the Task Force for General Meeting Engagement and Bylaw Reform and then presented his findings and a amendment package that would address concerns with the current state of affairs at the Fall 2018 General Meeting.

Nina Psellas, MATES

Right out of the gate, Nina Psellas showed her unwavering dedication to UW MATES with almost perfect attendance and insightful and thoughtful support for her fellow volunteers. Her passion for helping others is demonstrated not only in the one-on-one support she provides students, but also the extra efforts she contributes to MATES.

Coordinator Award

Sanjay Bhaskar

Sanjay Bhaskar, MATES

In the 3 terms that Sanjay Bhaskar has dedicated to his responsibilities as MATES coordinator, he has actively worked to improve not only the culture surrounding mental health on campus, but within the organization itself. Whether it has been continuing MATES traditions like De-stress Puppies, or working on a new partnership with the Feds Food Bank, Sanjay’s leadership has impacted countless students.

New Club Award

Project Trashion

Project Trashion

Project Trashion is a fashion show that spotlights sustainable clothing and designers who are dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. The first fashion show was in September in Kitchener and featured UWaterloo students as models. The next show will be held in Toronto in the new year.