Fall 2019 General Meeting Highlights

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Erin Kuepfer
Communications Assistant
Thu, 10/24/2019 - 15:45

On Tuesday of this week, WUSA hosted the annual Fall General Meeting in the SLC Great Hall. General meetings provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to give our input on decisions and ideas that directly affect us. This meeting was chaired by WUSA President Michael Beauchemin. As we recap this year’s meeting, feel free to follow along with the 2019 Annual General Meeting Agenda.

Playing the waiting game

Scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m., the initial turnout to the meeting was low. Bylaws state that at least 200 voting members must be present in person or represented by proxy to vote on any decisions during the meeting. Meetings are still carried out without hitting quorum, however no motions can be voted on.

As a result, Beauchemin and other WUSA representatives in attendance delayed the meeting in an attempt to rally undergrads to come to the event. After an hour of patience, light conversation, and beginning opening introductions, their goal was achieved. By 5:30 p.m. there were enough undergrads present, either physically or by proxy, to allow for voting to take place.

Way to go Warriors!

Standard agenda items

With opening remarks already addressed the meeting officially began with approval of the agenda and approval of minutes from the previous general meeting in late March.

Next, Seneca Velling, your VP of Operations and Finance, discussed information related to WUSA fees and finances. Aside from general housekeeping these discussions focused on the creation of a Capital Building Fee [external link]– not exceeding the amount of $15/term. This fee would go towards supporting the maintenance, improvement, and expansion of student spaces.

The motion to explore the idea of this fee was supported by the undergraduate body.

A meeting of yes!

Student with mic at General MeetingFollowing a delicious dinner break of vegan chili, undergrads returned to the meeting to approve the remainder of the night’s motions.

Amendments to bylaw articles 4, 5, 9 and 11 were unanimously approved. 

Onto the member-submitted motions, the following list features the motions detailed in the agenda (withdrawals excluded):

  • Conduct of Remembrance/Armistice Day commemorations – call for a greater recognition of Remembrance Day leading up to, and on, day of event.
  •  Exam scheduling prior to course selection – should exam schedules be available to students prior to course selection to improve the selection process?
  • Cyclist and pedestrian protection – look into how to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety around Ring Road.
  • Payment of membership fees while on work placement – reassessing why pharmacy students have to pay for fees (such as the GRT pass and CIF gym fee) during their fourth year when not centrally located in or near Waterloo. 
  • Clubs fee and Clubs funding – discussion item of how club fees are spent on campus.
  • UW efforts to improve sustainability and environmental protection – discussion item on improving campus sustainability, featuring a thorough discussion from the Sustainability Office.
  • Promoting where to take lost WatCards – MEETING ADJOURNED BEFORE DISCUSSION
  • Erection of a temporary structure on The Bomber patio – MEETING ADJOURNED BEFORE DISCUSSION

While half the items were discussion-based, the remaining motions were approved through the student body vote. A motion to adjourn the meeting was approved around 8 p.m. Missed out on the general meeting? Not a problem! The meeting was lived streamed [external link], featuring all the content so you can get caught up!

WUSA hopes to see you next year at the Spring General Meeting in March!