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Sabrina Guillen
Communications Assistant
Tue, 01/28/2020 - 10:15

You will make important decisions

It’s that time of year again! Although we’ve loved working with our current Executive team and are extremely proud of everything they’ve accomplished, it’s time to look ahead to our next Execs. As the campaign period starts, we wanted to help you navigate WUSA elections and feel confident when casting your vote for the best candidate.

But what’s the best way to becoming an informed voter? Understanding the job that candidates are running for! Read more about who those candidates are, then read on to find out exactly what we can expect from them. This team is made up of four positions filled by students you nominate and vote for. Their specialized roles are: President, VP Operations & Finance, VP Student Life, and VP Education. 


As the name suggests, the President is the head of the student government and the official student representative at Waterloo, much like a CEO. Their core responsibilities include facilitating the student government on campus, negotiating stakeholder relations, spearheading student advocacy, implementing and developing long term plans for students, all in addition to managing many other departments. Like the other Executive roles, the President sits on and chairs many different committees or commissions, which can often change during their term. In the past, this has included the Board of Directors, the Committee of Presidents, Students' Council, the Undergraduate Student Relations Committee, and more.

Vice President, Operations & Finance

Next is the VPOF, who aids in the administration of WUSA alongside the President, but mainly works alongside the General Manager to regulate high level human management, financial, commercial, contractual, and operational matters for WUSA. Largely this plays out in monitoring finances, creating budgets, ensuring legal compliance, managing risk, supervising business operations and building facilities management, overseeing all full-time and part-time WUSA staff, and finally supporting the General Manager in meeting short and midterm goals. Organizations that they would typically sit on include the Budget Committee, Board of Directors, Internal Funding Committee, Students' Council, Undergraduate Student Relations Committee, and Student Services Advisory Committee.

Vice President, Education

The third role on our breakdown today is the VP Education. Similarly to the above roles, they act as an official student representative, however, they focus the core of their work advocating on our behalf, not just to the university but also the governments of both Ontario and Canada. Their key responsibilities include advocating for reform you want to see for post-secondary education, developing policies based on your feedback, maintaining strong stakeholder relations, creating and maintaining systems for student academic support, and managing long term advocacy goals. They sit on committees such as the Education Advisory Council, Board of Directors, Students' Council, Co-operative Students' Council, Senate Undergraduate Council, and more.

Vice President, Student Life

The last position we’ll be covering today rounds out the team by focusing on creating, maintaining, and promoting a positive student experience in all things athletic, cultural, and social. First and foremost, this includes serving as head of clubs and services administration but also student engagement such as Waterloo Orientation, providing support for students to create a community at Waterloo. They oversee the WUSA volunteer program that provides key leadership opportunities, and similar to the VP Education, take your feedback about what you want life to look like at Waterloo, while advocating for you on various levels. You can find them sitting on the Internal Administration Committee, Campus Life Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, Students' Council, and the Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee to name just a few.

Closing thoughts

Regardless of which specific role your chosen candidates will eventually fill, all four of them are your voice within WUSA. They exist to turn your vision and goals for Waterloo into reality. While you do all of the dreaming, they do all of the nitty-gritty. A WUSA Executive’s role is diverse and changes each day to match the dynamic environment we (the student body) create everyday on campus.

Excited about Election Day? Voting officially opens at February 4 at 12 a.m. and closes at 11:50 p.m. on February 6. All you have to do during this time is head over to our voting portal at vote.wusa.ca and login using your WATIAM credentials. This will bring up a list of the positions involved in the general election, along with all of the candidates you can vote for.

Learn more about WUSA elections including important dates, candidate information, or details on how to vote, and get involved!