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Abbie Simpson & Nada Abouelnaga
WUSA President & VP Student Life
Mon, 07/20/2020 - 10:00

After consulting with Equity for Who, the Indigenous Student Association (ISA) and Racial Advocacy for Inclusion, Equity and Solidarity (RAISE), WUSA shared this brief with University administrators in advance of our July 17 meeting, asking for commitment to these four asks as a starting point. 

The University has failed to give us that commitment at this time.  

Over the coming weeks, we will continue our advocacy through these conversations, with the goal of working toward a safer and more equitable campus community for our Black and Indigenous students. 

Here’s what you can expect from us:  

  1. Transparency:  We will be sharing our timelines, successes, and updates with you. WUSA is working on creating a section of our website to share progress on our advocacy efforts against anti-Black and Indigenous racism, so you can easily access that information. Please stay tuned. More information will be shared on our socials once this is available. 

  1. Listening and Advocating: WUSA will continue to support our students and advocate for a safer, more equitable campus community. We are dedicated to listening and bringing forward Black and Indigenous student voices to the appropriate bodies. Please continue to contact exec@wusa.ca or your Councillor if you want to share your voice or need advocacy support. Your voice guides our work.  

  1. Support: Our student-run services are offering peer-to-peer counselling for our students. You can access these services online via Skype. Learn more about our student-run services

  1. Internal review: Your WUSA President is working with external consultants to review and improve WUSA’s processes to create a more equitable student association. This process begins August 10 and you can expect updates from us along the way. 

  1. Planning: Your Executive recently released the 2020-2021 Annual Plan, which outlined our planned initiatives on Institutional Racial Equity Reform that we wish to work on throughout the year. This plan outlines our commitments to students and some of our main projects.  

  1. More Planning: The Long-Range Plan (or LRP, as we call it) provides a glimpse at the strategies and principles which will guide WUSA for the next five years. Racial equity is imperative to our success in reaching many of them and is built into each pillar of the LRP. Want to learn more? Reach out to pres@wusa.ca.  

Your experiences on this campus inform our advocacy to the University. Thank you for sharing those with us, and for trusting us with them. We commit to always prioritize your voice and work on your behalf to advocate for the changes this University needs to see.  

Abbie (your WUSA President) & 
Nada (your Vice President, Student Life)